Compo Ready For All Comers

The temperature is near 90. A 3-day weekend beckons.

Let’s head to the beach!

Compo is certainly ready.

The new pavilion next to Joey’s is finished. A handsome new roof is up. Picnic tables — including some with cutouts for wheelchairs — are back.

(Photo/Carmine Picarello)

An eco-friendly “Mobi-Mat” has been installed. It’s perfect for people with walkers or canes, in wheelchairs, and parents with strollers.

(Photo/Carmine Picarello)

New signs direct daily parkers to a special area. Season sticker owners now get first dibs on the best spots.

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

Parks & Rec has made sure Compo is all set for summer.

Are you?

6 responses to “Compo Ready For All Comers

  1. Jacqueline Stewart

    Brilliant!! Thinking of the handicapped, and the parking for those w beach stickers. I applaud and am grateful for all those who worked so hard to do all this planning.

    I’m so happy an officer will be there for those that blast their music or loose all manners for respect of quiet, nature and serenity. thank you 🌹

  2. Nancy Hunter

    Having a paid Officer roaming the beach to determine what is serenity or manners?!

  3. Terry Anzalone

    We were st Compo today and are very happy with all the improvements–
    but sorry to say the directions for parking for non residents was not being followed! There were a few in the assigned lot, but many were in the front rows and the emblem lot.

    Hope the officer helps…..

  4. Rosemary Bentley Milligan

    Compo Beach was my “home away from home” and I remember when a police officer wasn’t needed. The good old days!

  5. Francis P. Spero

    having lived here all my life i’ve gotten my application for a compo sticker every year until this year I want my beach sticker please send an application to “” thankyou

  6. Tom Feeley Sr

    Thanks Charlie ‼️🇺🇸