Pics Of The Day #400

Talented Bridgeport artist Cleiton Ventura painted this mural, at Long Lots Elementary School. He worked on it with assistance from 5th graders.

He also painted this, at the newly opened Chabad of Westport — the former Three Bears restaurant.

10 responses to “Pics Of The Day #400

  1. Bruce Miller

    Wow! Congrats on #400.
    Always interesting…often beautiful, intriguing.

  2. Sharon Paulsen


    (Dan, I believe you may have a typo here: “alented Bridgeport artist …”, no? 😉

  3. Katherine Bruan


  4. Debbie Hoult

    Good morning. How does someone sign up to 06880? It was a while ago that I did it… Hope you’re fine. Debbie


    • Thanks, Debbie. On a desktop, there’s a “Subscribe to “06880” link on the right side. On a phone, scroll down below the story. Much appreciated!

  5. Scott Broder

    Dan kudos on #400

    Cleiton Ventura great looking murals 👍🏼❗️

  6. Micole Bag

    Hi! It was actually funded by the LLS PTA not Art Smart. And thanks so much for posting! It was an amazing experience. Cleiton is a local talent with a huge heart!

  7. Jennifer Strausser

    I am working with Cleiton on a reflective Mural at St Augustine Academy in Bridgeport. We are working with a bunch of my 8th graders – it has been such an amazing experience. We are almost done! Best art project of the year for sure 🙂