ABCs Of Westport Contest: Get Those Entries In!

The collage is beautiful.

But some “06880” readers may have been intimidated by the challenge.

(Photo collage by Shelly Welfeld)

Last week, we invited you to guess where in downtown Westport Shelly Welfeld found all the images she photographed to formed the “letters” in this work.

The first correct complete answer wins a $50 gift certificate, generously donated by The ‘Port restaurant. But we don’t expect anyone to get all 26 — maybe not even half. So if no one gets all 26, the person with the most correct answer wins.

The contest deadline is extended to noon on Wednesday, May 30. Email your entries to

Come on! Don’t be intimidated. This is your chance to win a great meal at The ‘Port.

Which of course is located in National Hall — one of the photos in the collage.

See — you’re already on your way!


2 responses to “ABCs Of Westport Contest: Get Those Entries In!

  1. Nancy, did you not read the story? This is a contest. The idea is to guess as many as you can. And, as the story says, to email the answers to me. Please follow instructions.

    • Nancy Hunter

      Just following Beth, who started guessing, now deleted.
      Apologies. Just delete mine, too.