Entitled Drivers Tackle New Targets

Take heart, handicapped people: You’re not alone!

For years, very entitled drivers have taken your parking spots.

Now there’s a competitor: spaces reserved for electric vehicles.

Never mind that you need these spots to charge your cars.

And forget that one reason for putting charging stations in accessible locations is to encourage more people to buy EVs.

There’s no excuse for this entitled parking.

And the driver definitely can’t say he couldn’t read the sign.

After all: This is the library.

(PS: The train station usually has fewer charging spots than vehicles wanting to charge. And often 2 or 3 of the 8 spots are taken by electric cars that are not plugged in — they probably have a full charge already. Just owning an EV doesn’t mean you can take those spaces!)

12 responses to “Entitled Drivers Tackle New Targets

  1. Seth Goltzer

    Could be an electric truck! BTW , when is the Town going to give me free Gas?

  2. Kristin Schneeman

    I agree with your comments about thoughtless parkers, Dan, but I did want to point out that the EV charging spots at the train station are marked as open to all parkers after 11 am.

  3. Suzanne Raboy

    Another entitled parker: Compo Shopping Center

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  4. Luke Garvey

    Show that plate! Show that plate!

  5. Doug Fierro

    The electric car spaces at Staples are the most abused. It should be illegal to park unless charging and police should issue tickets similar to handicap violations.

  6. Maybe the guy is picking up video and indeed can’t read.

  7. Jay A. Dirnberger

    Who pays for the electricity atnthe chqrging stations?

  8. Krystof Bondar

    Westport Town Hall parking lot – The electric car charge spaces should be replace with handicapped park place . Is so hard to walk from current handicap space to tax collector office , would be so much easier if the handicapped park place was by each door or at list where is the car charge space , the town parking lot is not too friendly to handicap residents – only 2 car space in very end by the ramp . From The Law Dictionary ” LOCATION OF SPACES
    Reserved parking lanes for handicap vehicles are to be located nearest to building entrances from the parking lot. If there is more than one building entrance, or no building entrance from the parking lot, the handicap spaces are to be nearest the pedestrian walkways into and out of the parking lot or nearest to an elevator.
    The number of parking spaces to be reserved for handicap vehicles and vans is calculated based on the number of spots in a parking lot. Lots with 1-25 spots need 1 handicap space; 26-50 spots need 2 handicap spaces; 51-75 spots need 3 handicap spaces; and 76-100 spots need 4 handicap spaces. Larger lots have different requirements. Lots with 101-150 spots need 5 handicap spaces; 151-200 spots need 6 handicap spaces; 201-300 spots need 7 handicap spaces; 301-400 spots need 8 handicap spaces; and 401-500 spots need 9 handicap spaces. Lots with a capacity of 501-1000 spots need to reserve 2 percent of the total spaces for handicap parking. Lots with a capacity of over 1001 spots need to reserve 20 handicap spaces plus 1 additional space for every 100 spots over 1001. Additionally, for every 8 handicap spaces 1 space must be van accessible. If a lot only has 1 handicap space, that space will also be designated as van accessible. ” I wish some one could look in this problem . https://thelawdictionary.org/article/what-are-laws-for-handicap-parking-spaces/

  9. Daniel Katz

    Mr. Goltzer: That truck is far too old to be either “electric” or “hybrid.”.

  10. Iain Bruce

    Actually the “entitled parkers” are the people driving expensive taxpayer-subsidised virtue signalling machines. They get a tax subsidy to buy their cars. They get to park closer to the building. They get free “fuel”. Meanwhile their Tesla contains about 25 pounds of lithium, mined with toxic environmental consequences by impoverished third world labour. Their so-called “zero emission” car is actually fueled by coal, natural gas, and uranium (though not so much coal in CT). But they are happy to flaunt their wealth and superior greenness among the less well off and the unanointed. Humbug.