The ABCs of “06880”

Last summer, Shelly Welfeld’s mother passed away.

She sought solace in morning prayers at Beit Chaverim synagogue. Then she’d walk down the Post Road, along Riverside Avenue and downtown.

Along the way, Shelly noticed various objects that looked like letters. She took photos — and soon had enough to complete the alphabet.

Out of Shelly’s mourning came a creative and gorgeous collage:

(Photo collage by Shelly Welfeld)

It’s so beautiful, I asked Shelly to share it here.

And so much fun, we came up with a great contest idea.

“06880” readers: Identify the locations for all 26 “letters.” The first correct answer wins a $50 gift certificate, generously donated by The ‘Port restaurant. (HINT: One of the images above comes from the National Hall building.)

Email your entries to Deadline is noon on Wednesday, May 23. If no one gets all 26, the person with the most correct answers wins. The decision of the judges (Shelly and I) is final.

Get to work, “06880” readers. The answers are right there, under — and above — your noses.

13 responses to “The ABCs of “06880”

  1. Christopher Austin

    Thanks Dan and Shelly! I will never get them all identified, but I think someone artsy in the readership should work with Shelly to produce prints and I would certainly buy one! Really fun.

  2. Susana Weyer

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kathryn Coster

    Reminds me of the “Doors of……” posters (fill in the place) I have seen over the years…am in total agreement with Christopher Austin that this needs to be reproduced in poster or print form….it’s very cool…and yes thanks for sharing.

  4. Jack Whittle

    This picture is most definitely poster-worthy, with a Westport theme.

    As for the expert-level photo challenge (requiring 26 correct answers) I am not up to that level of expertise, although I might suggest retracing Shelly’s steps (might take more than a few times!) as a way to tackle this one

  5. Celeste Champagne

    So clever and creative. A “Doors of Dublin” like effort. Thanks to Shelly and you for bringing it to our attention. Good luck on identifying the clues.

  6. Love this! It takes a special eye to “See” these things that most folks just walk right by. Great job! This would make a very unique Town of Westport poster!

    • Joyce Losen

      Would love to buy a poster. She might like to use poster sales as a fundraiser for a favorite cause sort of like the Save Cockoenoe poster many years ago

  7. Cathy Barnett

    This reminds me of a similar photo collage by Arlene Alda, Alan’s wife. She took photos of natural elements A to Z. This creative project is more locally focused for 06880 readers.

  8. How about a collage that spells out the letters Westport, as a print and/or poster?

  9. Amy Schneider

    Is she selling posters of this collage? It’s wonderful!

  10. Joyce Barnhart

    Love it! If it is made into a poster, I hope it would include a key to the locations.

  11. That’s great! Wish I had time! Keep the Arts Alive!