Photo Challenge #176

Last week’s photo challenge seemed unfair.

Alan Phillips’ image showed a men’s restroom. (You could tell by the urinals.)

But never underestimate the power of a woman.

Two of the 1st 3 correct answers came from people who — presumably — have never set foot inside that men’s room. (Or probably any other.)

Christopher Austin — followed by Pat Saviano and Karen Como — knew that the shiny new loo is located at Compo Beach. It — and its women’s room cousin — are nestled between Joey’s and the lifeguard shack.

Other correct guesses came from Michael Calise (whose license plate reads “Compaug”). Pete Powell, Andrew Colabella and Les Dinkin.

They replace a pair of very old, incredibly grungy and truly repulsive restrooms. It’s not really beach season yet, but they’re already getting good use.

And rave reviews.

Parts of the Compo Beach improvement plan — and the new fees for beach stickers — have drawn criticism. But everyone can agree: This was money well spent. (Click here for the photo, and all responses.)

This week’s photo challenge is — like that we run most — a spot every Westporter (regardless of gender) can go to. If you know where it is, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Brant Mozingo)

16 responses to “Photo Challenge #176

  1. Arthur Schoeller

    Sherwood Island Nature Center

  2. Michele Carey-Moody

    Is it the Nature Center at Sherwood Island park?

  3. Vanessa Bradford

    Sherwood island

  4. Chris Buckley

    Sherwood Island

  5. Fred Cantor

    Sherwood Island.

  6. Lswrence Zlatkin

    Easy one– Sherwood Island nature center.

  7. Yes, it is the Sherwood Island State Park Nature Center. Westporters who go there know it, and love it. More should!

    • Vanessa Bradford

      Yes. Grew up on edgewater hillside. When the mill pond froze we used to walk across to Sherwood island Once in a while we would have to rescue one of us who went through the ice

  8. Dave Eason

    I thought Mike’s lic. plate was COMPO?

  9. Mary Ann Batsell

    The Nature Center at Sherwood Island

  10. Hope Hageman

    Of course it’s the Sherwood Island Nature Center!! I hope you have thousands of correct responses!! Hope Hageman

  11. Michael Brennecke

    Sherwood island.

  12. Linda Amos

    Sherwood Island Nature Center

  13. Sherwood Island

  14. Peter Ritchey

    Building located at east end of parking lot in Sherwood Island beach.