Body Found By Saugatuck Shores

Just past 8:30 this morning, Max Haslett was walking his dog on Harbor Road.

The Westport teenager goes to a private school in Fairfield. On Friday, he does not have classes.

As he tossed a ball, heading from Saugatuck Island toward Duck Pond, he saw an outline in the mud. As Max got closer, he realized it was the body of a man.

With gray hair, he appeared to be in his 60s or 70s. He wore a jacket and jeans, but no shoes.

Max called his father, then the Westport police.

Several officers arrived almost immediately. As they worked together — taking care of the deceased man, checking a boat anchored in the area — they also made sure Max was okay.

Max told “06880” that he was concerned for the man’s family, and impressed with the quick and thorough police response.

Foul play is not suspected, Westport Police Lieutenant Jillian Cabana says. Detectives and the Chief Medical Examiner continue to investigate.

The approximate spot on Harbor Road where a body was found earlier today.

7 responses to “Body Found By Saugatuck Shores

  1. Mary Jennings

    So saddddd. May he RIP!

    Kudos to the young person who did the right thing and WePo’s FINEST.

  2. Jonathan Prager

    HI Dan,

    Thanks for posting this.

    It’s more than a bit upsetting as this is almost exactly the spot where Annette was found!

    I wonder if he floated from the RR bridge as did Annette.

    Jonathan : )


  3. Robin Scarella

    Weird isn’t it. Grey hair too.

  4. Raquel Stein Kobak

    We witnessed the quick police response from Westport compo marina this morning and knew something bad had happened. Just awful >

  5. Susan Iseman

    Bless his soul.