Time To Help A Town Hall Gem

Everyone in Westport knows Patty Strauss.

In over 20 years as town clerk, she’s helped all of us at one point with her many duties: managing all public records (land, meetings, births, marriages, deaths), licenses (marriage, dog, fish and game), and elections.

She’s passionate about her job, patient to the point of sainthood, and brings life and light to all of Town Hall.

Now she needs our help.

Her son Greg — a longtime Westporter, and former Staples High School football and lacrosse player — suffered a cliff jumping accident last month. He’s 22, and after graduating from Virginia Tech in January had started his dream job: crewing on a Caribbean yacht.

Greg Strauss

His back was fractured in the jump. Fortunately, he was stabilized enough to be quickly airlifted back from Grenada to the US.

In Florida, Greg’s back was repaired. He then endured several surgeries to repair the compound fractures and soft tissue damage to his right foot and ankle.

However, to give Greg the best hope to enjoy a pain-free and active life, his right foot was amputated below the knee.

Insurance will cover many of his medical bills, but not all. The cost of prosthetics will be significant, and an ongoing financial burden.

The Strausses have always given back to their neighbors, strangers and the entire town. They did not ask for this help. But friends have set up a GoFundMe link that will show how much we appreciate all Patti and her family have done for all of us: https://www.gofundme.com/greg-needs-a-new-right-foot

9 responses to “Time To Help A Town Hall Gem

  1. Adam Vengrow

    Amazing family and a positive part of this amazing Westport community. Lets do all we can to help our own.

  2. Michael Calise

    So sorry to read this Patti and Ed are such a positive part of our community.
    They deserve our support.

  3. Gregg Ranholm

    Patty and Ed always go out of their way to help everyone who needs it. They do it freely and they don’t look for thanks or praise but just because they are good caring people. Now is our time to help them with prayers and cash. By doing this they don’t have to think about the money but can focus on caring for Gregg.

  4. Tom Feeley Sr

    Great family👍🏼
    Thanks for sharing this Dan🙏🇺🇸

  5. Sally Palmer

    A nicer lady would be hard to find!

  6. Lindsey Runkel

    Hey Dan,
    Feel free to pass along my information as well as my parents (I can send you their emails) so I can help the Strauss family navigate this life change by providing them with information about my accident and paralysis! I would love to help if I can and I know my parents found it helpful to communicate with other parents who had children that suffered from a paralyzing accident.


  7. Arline Gertzoff

    Thoughts and prayers to Ed and Patty

  8. Wendy Goldwyn Batteau

    Patty Strauss is the poster child for generosity of spirit, caring for and helping Westport and everyone who tries to make it a better place. She never hesitates to give. Time to help her and her family now.

  9. Roe Colletti

    Dear Patti-Ed,
    Greg is a strong,beautiful, determined & focused young man who I know will overcome this horrible accident. Healing prayers-wishes to your family. Roe- Chuck Colletti