[CORRECTION] Rare Building Opportunity By Beach

NOTE: The previous version of this story misstated the listing price. My bad!

“06880” is not in the habit of posting real estate listings.*

But this one — on 0.12 acres, with a listing price of $2.45 million — caught my eye.

One of the last residential construction lots available in Compo Beach … (available) for new home construction or home/office combinational use … Ideally suited for an ultra-modern home with ample room for parking. Ideal for someone looking to build in CT who works in area or even commutes (bus/train shuttle service on doorstep) into NYC via Metro North. Ideal for someone looking to build a wonderful home in a great community…

There was this photo too:

Recognize it?

Neither did I.

That’s because it doesn’t exist. The image is actually an artist’s rendering of what could go there.

So where is this magical lot?

The listing also says:

Property is dual-zoned and owner operated a seasonal business for ,over 20 years … Existing structure has some history within the town and is 1,424 sq. ft. with detached two car garage.

That’s putting it mildly. The existing structure does indeed have “some history with the town.”

It’s 222 Hillspoint Road.

Though you probably know it as Elvira’s.

*It’s probably not a bad idea. It could be a great source of income. Especially if I ask for finder’s fees!

10 responses to “[CORRECTION] Rare Building Opportunity By Beach

  1. BooHoo. No Positano’s and now the local convenience store / deli / lunch spot going away. Some day – soon – we will regret losing these neighborhood spots that define the neighborhood. Can’t blame anyone but the market (Well, a few outdoor tables at Positano’s would have been about the best spot to dine in Fairfield County….)

    • Michelle Benner

      I agree. Positano’s by the water and soon Elvira’s are both huge losses to our community and continue to erode the simple charm of living by the water. Losing places like these is a blow to the underpinning of what often makes community spirit work. I believe that Westport needs more family friendly and community friendly places to meet and gather, not less. Communities thrive in cafes, coffee shops, easy and reasonably priced places to eat and congregate. I feel like we’re squandering our locations both by the water and downtown if land values amd landlord rent increases continue to push away our local community serving merchants in favor of the highest bidder.

  2. Susan Weingarten

    Did Elvira’s close?

  3. Michael Calise

    There is no such designation as a dual zone. The property is in a Residence B Zone which requires 6,000 square feet of land area among other configuration requirements. It is a non-conforming lot with a non-conforming structure in a non-conforming use. ZBA makes big round holes for square pegs!

  4. KENNY’S OLD DUMP !!!!!!!!

  5. Yikes! They are selling??


  6. Seeing this listing and the rendering, and knowing Elvira’s will close as Positano’s did before it makes me sad. Frederic and I got married at Positano’s and we and so many other have such wonderful memories of that.
    When I was growing up in Branford, my Dad owned a small store very similar to Elvira’s, by the beach, the only commercial store in a residential upscale area, that I worked in every day after school. Like Elvira’s, all the kids came in after school (or all day in the summer) for toasted sandwiches, ice cream and candy and people stopped in for groceries and delicious family-sized take out meals which my Dad made. Working there gave me a daily bird’s eye view of the significant role this intimate food place had in the community – It was a hub of activity, a place where people met spontaneously walking their dogs, picking up food and often stood for awhile in the aisles or outside on the benches talking for awhile and catching up. We even kept people accounts written on a slip of paper and families just paid my Dad monthly for their purchases! I drove by there the other day on a visit to my Mom’s and it has been turned into upscale townhouses.

    I agree with Michelle that intimate, low key gathering places around food play a bigger role in communities than it might appear. At a time when daily, intimate, face-to-face connections are at a low, it is a loss for our town that this corner which created memories for many generations of residents and facilitated so many conversations, laughter and connections will now become quiet and private.

  7. Audrey Doniger

    Say it isn’t so..

  8. Jeff Northrop

    Take a deep breath, soon all of westports memories will be erased