Pic Of The Day #354

The old Positano restaurant on Hillspoint Road (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #354

  1. Seth Goltzer

    I always think of it as “Cafe de la Plage”

  2. Eleanor Sasso

    I remember it as Cafe de la Plage too…
    Best Sunday brunch ever with an unbeatable view!
    And the bloody Mary’s …
    I used to live up the hill at 2 Buena Vista, in the original Cape, before it was built up, knocked down, and rebuilt. What a great spot to raise 2 kids.
    Knew all the neighbors. Our kids grew up together.
    So did our dogs who ran and played on the street while kids rode their bikes. It was a real neighborhood.. we shared cups of sugar and flour and our life stories .
    Compo Beach… neighborhood picnics and bbq’s most weekends; salty tanned youngsters, pushing strollers along beachside on Fourth of July, filled with buckets of steamers from Black Duck Cafe…
    Wonderful life…

  3. Jacque O'Brien

    Used to be one of my favorite places in Westport! Such a shame it was scrapped!

  4. Jeff Giannone

    What a shame to lose this gem to another private home. In my opinion this is another Town fail. I was in a zoning meeting when the owner asked to instal doors so customers could dine under umbrellas open to the water, as they do all over Europe. They were turned down and even forced to remove a small brick patio where people could sit while waiting for tables. This was just after the Town bought Allen’s Clam house to prevent a restaurant from reopening in that location. And now while losing tenants every day, the Town is doing nothing to make Main Street more attractive for residents and tenants. I just don’t understand why they don’t close Main St to cars and move the farmers market and the art show, etc down there and allow food carts and restaurants to put tables in the streets.

    • Michael Calise

      It wasn’t the Town. It was the many neighbors who converged on P & Z and ZBA meetings with dozens of complaints regarding traffic, parking and general disruption of their peace and quiet. And, in fact recently one particular neighbor sued the current owner to prevent the re-opening of another restaurant and has succeeded.

  5. Intriguing ideas re Main Street, Jeff. And, yes, I too, remember the place as Cafe de la Plage.