[UPDATE] Late Arriving Storm Stuns Westport

Over 3500 customers without power in Westport — and more than 100,000 in Connecticut.

Trees and utility lines down all over town. A woman severely injured by a falling limb on Sturges Highway.

The Bridge Street bridge is closed until further notice

And schools closed for a 2nd straight day.

That was the story after yesterday’s nor’easter — mocked for much of the day (including on this blog) barreled through, finally, at night.

Today is likely to be very messy. Cleanup will take a while.

If you’ve got news to report — road closures, places of refuge, emergency items you need, click “Comments” below.

Then keep checking the comments. We are all in this together!

19 responses to “[UPDATE] Late Arriving Storm Stuns Westport

  1. Frances White

    Thanks, Dan. At the Sherwood Diner with coffee, bagels, plugs to charge devices and it is warm. Filling up.

  2. Power is out in our neighborhood, North Main St, John’s Place, Washington Ave, Gorham Ave and surrounding streets. Will update on situation as I get it.

  3. Ernie Lorimer

    With 2/3 of Weston out, by some miracle we have power in Birdland.

  4. Julie Van Norden

    Power out on Saint George Place. Trees down and tree hanging on wires. Also wires down further down the cul de sac. What a mess! That’s the last time I’ll anger the weather gods by making fun of a “so-called” storm!

  5. Due to my power outage, I just saw this message (sent last night) from 1st selectman Jim Marpe:

    Severe weather conditions resulting from today’s winter storm have caused widespread power outages, downed trees and electrical lines, and property damage. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is coordinating Westport’s first responders and public works personnel in responding to emergency calls. Schools will be closed on Thursday.

    Both police and fire department Facebook pages will be updated as information becomes available. The Facebook addresses are: https://www.facebook.com/westportctfire/ and https://www.facebook.com/westportctpolice/

    We are strongly advising residents to stay at home for their safety and to allow crews to clear hazardous conditions. For your safety, as well as that of your children and pets, do not approach any downed or low hanging electrical wires whether or not they appear live.

    For all emergencies, including reports of downed wires, please dial 911.

  6. And I just saw this from the town, too:

    Among the extensive list of road closures those of particular concern and having a wider impact on traffic include: The Bridge Street William Cribari Bridge; Numerous locations on Partrick Road; Kings Highway South between Post Road West and Treadwell Avenue; Cross Highway between Weston Road and Roseville Road.
    The above list is not exhaustive and there are a significant amount of road closures throughout town. This list may grow as further trees and/or wires may come down as a result of this storm. Should you come across any downed power wires always treat them as energized and stay away.

  7. The Westport Library will have a delayed opening today – 11 am. The Westport Y is open; check http://www.westporty.org for their modified schedule.

  8. John McCarthy

    Riverside/Saugatuck ave to the train station largely cleared, with small tree blocking one lane near 95. But passable. Metro North trains slow and very crowded today.

  9. Now the library’s opening has been delayed to 1 p.m.

  10. Dermot Meuchner

    Cross Hwy near Bayberry is a mess. Half Mile Common has no power, with tree damage everywhere.

  11. Library is now closed all day today.

  12. Remember to check on any vulnerable neighbors or friends! Stay warm.

    • Thoughtful words of wisdom.

      We parked our three cars in front of the carriage house yesterday afternoon (next to the dry-docked boat) to give our plower-dude his clear path to catch the entire driveway. At about 5PM we heard what I originally thought was thunder snow until we felt the repercussion. A great old maple on our front lawn split and landed directly on one car, decimating it right there in its place, and damaged – to what extent I don’t know yet – the other two cars and the boat.
      Sadly, it reminded me of Pearl Harbor in that we thought by parking all of the vehicles together we were doing the right thing in making the driveway accessible…wrong again.

      So, your words of thoughtful concern are well-taken and much appreciated…

      • Oh no! That’s awful. I heard that 2/3 of Weston is without power. Hope you are staying safe and warm. I’m thinking of all of you.

        • I know! And thank you, Dan…I heard 76%…I like the sound 2/3 more…

          Jose and Jonnie are in Australia and when the tree came down with Jonnie’s car (which he finished paying off last month) in its path, I didn’t want to say anything to alarm them until I knew exactly what was going on (I still don’t know because my tree-fellow can’t do anything until they are certain that the downed wires are safe) but a neighbor, a really good guy, unknowingly contacted him through FaceBook — so Jonnie actually knew what happened before CHUBB!

          LOL, but not LOL. Aye Diós Mio.

          • That’s what insurance is for. We hate paying it, until we need it! Please give Johnnie and Jose my best. I hope they are enjoying summer in Australia!

  13. I am now in Panera, having my first cuppa coffee of the day. Greenfield Hill, where I live, is without power. A huge tree fell and blocked our driveway, until our lawn guy came and pushed it away, about 1/2 hour ago. Many roads in the area are blocked. I hope everyone is safe.

  14. What happened to the Bridge Street bridge?