Larry Silver’s Connecticut

Larry Silver is a renowned photographer. His images hang in museums around the world.

Since 1973, he’s been a Westporter. He’s spent all those years documenting life in and around town.

Now — 45 years after moving here — he’s compiled some of his favorite photos into a short video.

“Larry Silver’s Connecticut” includes many familiar scenes: Compo Beach, Sherwood Island, Longshore, roads and barns. There’s his iconic “shower”shot — taken next to Joey’s — and one of the fondly named “Dragon Lady,” a beach fixture for many years.

There are also photos of nearby towns, and many city scenes too.

“The best years of my life have been spent in Westport,” Larry says.

Now he’s shared them with all of us.

10 responses to “Larry Silver’s Connecticut

  1. Celeste Champagne

    What a wonderful photographic retrospective of Westport and area then and now. Leaves me wanting to see more.

  2. Ruth Kalla Ungerer

    Fantastic! Kudos to Larry!

  3. Arline Gertzoff

    Despite her persona of Dragon Lady she was affectingly known as bubbles and was nothing like her beach attire.

  4. Beautiful Video!

  5. Leah Scherzer

    Larry, thank you for sharing your beautiful memories. SIA 1958

  6. James Honeycutt

    Dan, great post! Loved the video. Loved the quote about how photography stops the world and gives you a moment to see things you would miss otherwise. Funny for me that this was done as a video. Do you think that his photography will ever be on display in Town at any time. Would to bring my daughter to see it. Best to you, Jim

    • Leah Scherzer

      I agree with Jim. I would have loved to see
      Each frame as a photograph. It moved to quickly for me. Watched it 2x and then stopped it so I could enjoy the individual frames. Took awhile but it was worth it. Would love to see it as photo show at WHS.

  7. Susan Huppi

    Wonderful…that’s the Westport I remember!

  8. Michael Friedman

    What an eye. Larry is of our finest photographers.
    No one captures a moment better than Larry.

  9. Eva Lopez Reyman

    Thanks, nice video!