PTA Thanks Cops

In a show of appreciation, the Staples High School PTA and Westport PTA Council treated the Westport Police Department to lunch today.

The card below says it all:

16 responses to “PTA Thanks Cops

  1. Job well done. Carry on.

  2. Ellen Wentworth

    Well deserved!

  3. Call me any time for a contribution. We do Food with Love!

  4. Wonderful. Thank you, PTA, for doing this.

  5. Jacqueline Stewart

    The PD is paid to do their job!!! What’s w the breakfast?? Really

  6. It was just a nice thing to do, don’t be a grouch!

  7. Dorothy Abrams

    Maybe she enjoys being a grouch.

  8. Sure hope the student that went to the administration is getting the thanks as well. Who’s the first hero here.

  9. Scott Broder

    Our Westport “community” at its best❗️

  10. Bravo, WPD!