Who Will Win The Great Westport Pizza Contest? It’s A Toss-Up.

I hope you didn’t give up pizza for Lent.

The Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce has just added a new event. It runs all through March, and will resolve the most important (and longest-running) debate in town:

Who has the best pizza?

“The Great Westport Pizza Contest” involves 14 restaurants, and includes 7 categories. Judging is done online, by youse guys: pizza lovers.

Every participant is entered into a drawing, to win a free pizza from one of the 7 winning restaurants.

The contestants are:

  • Angelina’s
  • Cuatro Hermanos
  • Joe’s
  • Jordan’s III
  • Julian’s Brick Oven
  • Julian’s Kitchen
  • Planet Pizza
  • Rizzuto’s
  • Romanacci Express
  • Tarry Lodge
  • Toscano’s
  • Tutti’s
  • Via Sforza
  • Westport Pizzeria

The categories are:

  • Best slice
  • Best personal pizza
  • Best meat pizza
  • Best gluten-free pizza
  • Best veggie pizza
  • Best plain pizza
  • Best delivered pizza

Each restaurant is entered in 4 categories.

You’ve got a month — beginning March 1 — to visit each venue, and enjoy the offerings. Then go to the Chamber’s pizza contest webpage to vote: www.wesetportwestonchamber.com/pizza.

As you vote, use the hashtag #greatwestportpizza. The more pizza pictures, the better.

Winning restaurants get a plaque — and bragging rights until (let’s hope) next year’s contest.

First Selectman Jim Marpe kicks off the event this Thursday (March 1, 12 noon) at Joe’s Pizza. The (hungry) public is invited.

So what if you have given up pizza for Lent?

No worries. The contest runs through March 31. Lent ends March 29.

That gives you 2 days to check out all 14 restaurants, and vote.


11 responses to “Who Will Win The Great Westport Pizza Contest? It’s A Toss-Up.

  1. tell Joe Arcudi to start a pizzeria again he was the best and would still be

  2. Chip Stephens SHS '73

    Westport Pizza, no question every category !

    • Chip, you can’t be thanked enough for your tireless P&Z work and you were a terrific Wrestling coach. That said, you’ve gone mad…Joe’s is so much better than Westport Pizza.

  3. And just in time (almost) for Passover which begins Saturday night March 30. Plenty of time before to eat and vote.

    • Matthew Mandell

      I checked the calendar twice on that one Denise……. whew……..

      FYI – Jim Marpe will be Proclaiming March as Westport Pizza Month at the kick off on March 1. Come on out.

  4. Wish I could partake but cannot, courtesy of geography. I savor yummy memories of Main Street’s WESTPORT PIZZERIA which had the best slices/pies back in the day. It will always get my vote.

  5. “youse guys”
    Really Dan?

  6. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    What a great idea! Wonderful and delicious Westport fun!

  7. Mitchell Thompson

    Over the next few days , readers of this column will feel the need to talk up their “favorite” Westport pizza place, while taking an occasional shot at places in town that he/she doesn’t like. Instead, how about just proclaiming at month’s end which place in town you may have ended up “settling on” over the years to meet your family pizza needs…… but if you want to be truly honest about it , in my opinion, none of the places listed can even touch the quality of “New Haven” style pizza ! Additionally, I have been to places throughout the Tri -State area and Florida where the establishment touts that they serve “NEW HAVEN STYLE PIZZA” !
    We have tried them all and nobody serves New Haven pizza like the well-known New Haven places do…..nobody.
    So I have wondered aloud for many many years, “Why can’t the greatness and uniqueness be replicated ?

    In the meantime, enjoy the contest.

  8. You “knead” to get out and get a “pizza” the action…
    See which Westport place is “topping” your list!
    But no matter how you “slice” it Westport has the best pizza joints!
    My punning skills are a little “crusty”, sorry…

  9. For me, there will always be only one Westport pizza place: Lou Nistico’s Arrow Restaurant. And The Arrow will not be entering either the gluten free or veggie categories. Thanks for the memory jog Dan.