[OPINION] Phillip Perri: Put Resource Officers In Westport Schools

“06880” reader Phillip Perri writes:

Following Westport superintendent of schools Colleen Palmer’s initiative to place school resource officers in schools, and the subsequent horrific shooting in Florida, some local residents are letting their voices be heard. They say that regardless of which side of the aisle your loyalty rests with, protecting children and school staff in Westport should not be a political decision.

An online petition has been started by myself and Adam Schorr. We contend that the need and time for action is immediate, with no time for debate. Many school districts around the country have already stationed police at or in their schools, as a deterrent.

Security against threats from outside the schools is really only one part of the proposed SRO position, however. SROs are used in many school districts across the country, as well as in our neighboring districts. They are educators; relationship builders between students and the police; active, visible deterrents to the crime, drugs, harassment, bullying and alcohol use that is prevalent and growing in our schools.

The right candidate is trained to be friendly, open and approachable. Westport has long enjoyed the successful DARE program (although not well funded) and the Westport Police Youth Group, run by officers who know our kids from grade school through high school. Think of the SRO as a DARE officer actually stationed at the school, not the fatigue-wearing, machine gun toting SWAT members we see at airports. But make no mistake, in this day and age, his main duty is security, protection, quick action and notification of threat to the police department. When time means lives, every second counts.

A school resource officer at work.

According to the group, none would argue the threat is real and urgent. None would say this is a better solution than effective gun control, better funding for school security from the government, better mental health intervention or Congressional action. But no one can also argue that any of these things are going to happen in time to prevent or mitigate the next “professional school shooter” who is out there plotting.

This Monday evening (February 26, 7:30 p.m., Staples High School cafeteria) the Board of Education will hear a report from a team of administrators, district security staff, our police chief and deputy police chief on their investigation into the SRO position in place at nearby schools. It is an excellent opportunity to gain the truth about what the position is and is not, and make up your own mind on the subject.

When asked why the SRO position is so urgently needed and should be expedited to approval, one individual says, “We don’t want to be in a position to have to say we should have.”

In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, schools superintendent Colleen Palmer said:

We will continue to review and reflect upon all of our security measures to remain prepared and to enhance any deterrents to school violence. This past Monday, a team of administrators, district security staff, both our police chief and deputy chief, and a representative of our Board of Education conducted a site visit to a neighboring school district that employs School Resource Officers.

SROs are specially trained police officers assigned to work directly in schools to support school safety. Having a School Resource Officer in our District for 2018-19 has been under review for the past few months, as well as other ongoing initiatives.

I am a proponent of School Resource Officers in schools, and in fall 2017 I proposed that the district seek to have at least one SRO in place for the 2018-19 school year. At the board meeting on Monday evening, the board will be discussing this topic as one of its first agenda items.

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  1. This is a no-brainer! Chief Of Police Foti Koskinas is all about bettering the community as well as his entire force. Not only are out officers friendly and helpful, they genuinely care about being positive influences in this town. There are officers at jewelery shops, banks, airports and all else. Not only to promote safety, but as a drug deterrant and community ties builder, an officer at school in these times makes sense. The pressures of social media and this instant communication makes kids crazy unfortunately. Having an officer there can help in many ways.

  2. I signed and donated! Thank you for the opporunity to do something positive for our community and to help keep our kids safe.

  3. Virginia Tienken

    Seems to me the doors to schools should all be locked for entrance except one and at that one there could be a metal detector. We have them at airports, courts, etc. A resource officer can not be everywhere at once.

  4. Lori Winthrop Dockser

    Please post the link ! And thank you, it is time for action and change

  5. January Stewart

    There was a school officer at Parkland, and he wasn’t able to stop what happened. Will the officer stand right by the front door the entire time? What if he/she needs to go to the restroom? Kids go outside for recess, and gym…will the officer leave the front door area to then follow the kids outside? This seems like a false sense of security to me. The officer can’t be everywhere at once. I’m not a fan of this idea. And where will the money to pay for this come from? We already don’t have enough money for things. Will we have to lose art and workshop and more in order to have armed guards?

    • Russell Gontar

      Actually, an additional three law enforcement personnel arrived on scene to assist the school officer. As we now know, none of these individuals entered into the school to engage the shooter.

  6. We have 9 public schools in our town. So isn’t this really 9 SROs? Should we also get SROs for all the sports events (e.g., swim meets at the YMCA)? Troquet Hall? Kids also go to the town library — should we have armed guards there too? Where does this end?

  7. FightIng gun violence with gun violence? Is there where we are going in the US?

    Staples could never be protected enough as there are too many doors and hallways. Just my opinion but Knowing a teacher or guard could be shooting might cause more deaths or injuries. And as we learned in Florida, some guard(s) decided to avoid the confrontation.

    I will hope that students take charge and demand gun control. Use your power and use your buying power. Demand brands support your efforts or boycott them. Start with Coke and Pepsi. Then McDonalds and clothing stores. Show them the power you have to make change. If and when companies find lower sales they will step up and join in the conversation. Use your power-students. The adults have let you down-now show them how to do it.

    • If they are not too busy eating tide pods

      • There may be silly things the “younger” generation does these days – but no sillier than any generation of teens. Furthermore, in many ways these kids are more mature and responsible than ever. They look at the world with a mature and discerning eye – they are inclusive – they believe in social justice – and they are willing to give their time and effort to the things that they believe in. A few kids doing dumb things does not define a generation. Millennials just may save us all.

        • Ah yes; the mirage of social justice and the path to totalitarianism.

          The Mirage of Social Justice (Law, Legislation and Liberty #2)
          by Friedrich A. Hayek

          F. A. Hayek made many valuable contributions to the field of economics as well as to the disciplines of philosophy and politics. This volume represents the second of Hayek’s comprehensive three-part study of the relations between law and liberty. Here, Hayek expounds his conviction that he continued unexamined pursuit of “social justice” will contribute to the erosion of personal liberties and encourage the advent of totalitarianism.

          • Kids fighting for a way to stay safe in their schools does not equal a path towards totalitarianism. They don’t have the luxury of obsessing on ideology now, or reading three part esoteric studies. They’re hoping to get through the remainder of their school years safely. They are hoping to not hear about friends being shot, or to see parents crying. This isn’t an abstract, intellectual exercise for them, it’s a reality of their generation. I support their rage and admire their determination.

            • Right; damn the Constitution full speed ahead. Can’t let a crisis go to waste.

              • How’s that musket working out for you, Michael? And those parts in the Constitution about owning other people, and voting only if you’re a guy?

                • Nice of you to show your colors Dan; not that you ever hid them. What parts of the Constitution would you like to change? The First Amendment ? The Fourth. The Fifth? I have Article I, Section. 2. in front of me, can you show me where it says you can vote only if you are a “guy”? At the time the US Constitution was ratified, women in New Jersey were allowed to vote If you want to change the Constitution, there is a process you can employ. Have at it.

                  • Michael-the Supreme Court already rules that some guns can be banned if they are deemed to be dangerous to society.

                    I understand your position, and wish all the best to you. The violence we see does not change your view. Very unfortunate as you and others hold onto the scare tactics of losing our rights if we make some simple changes.

                    May we never have to experience another school shooting.

    • Bart, I agree 100%

  8. Thanks Dan for covering this important issue. First, anyone who wants to sign the petition there is NO donation necessary…that, unfortunately is the website’s doing which I had no idea about, sorry. The link is in the blog in the second paragraph. I can never persuade anyone to sign this petition or support the SRO initiative that actually believes that Congress will provide a solution to protecting our schools IMMEDIATELY. Tougher or total gun control, better mental health intervention, education, etc.? Great, have at it. But how many more children and staff must die before whatever they do (if anything) actually filters down to our local schools. Let’s be honest, it will not. The cost? What is ONE child’s life worth. Ask a Sandy Hook victim’s family if they think they “should have” supported an SRO in their school. But the SRO position is not “just” a security guard. The position has a long history of education, intervention, drug and alcohol mitigation, etc. it is not new; there are even national organizations for SROs, including training and best practices studies and compilation from across the country. Please attend the Monday evening BOE meeting and be informed before making a snap judgement. It is first on the agenda at 7:30PM so it’s not a late night, or watch on TV. If you can’t make it please email me and I will send you extensive information about the SRO position. As far as losing art workshops to pay for the SRO (which will not happen), forgive my directness, but you can’t enjoy art if you’re dead. Let’s not have to say “We should have”.

    • U are so correct! We need to work on everything from mental health to better laws that keep weapons out of the wrong hands. This blog should not turn into a political debate, while things take time, this is an immediate positive step. To be crystal clear, the security on hand at parkland was already about to retire and was far from a reliable officer, unlike our great team in Westport that is well trained and always ready. This is a great first step.

  9. More pressure and it will work. Students stay focused and win.

    Delta and United scrap airfare discounts for NRA members

  10. Bill Boyd (Staples '66)

    These are challenging … People here are raising good questions. There is no complete solution but having one secured entrance is a good start.

  11. I am a Westport resident who recently retired after 47 years of service as a public school educator in Greenwich; Middlebury/Southbury; and Ridgefield Connecticut, and North Salem, New York. My experience with SROs was VERY positive. The officers engaged the staff, students, and parents in a very positive way, were essential members of the district and school safety committees, could contact first responders instantly with vital information, and would run towards the problem and “remove it” or slow it down to give the first responders more time to do their jobs. I encourage the Westport community to study the SRO option immediately, support a full educational program that gives all students opportunities to achieve and feel valuable and connected, and support the essential work of school counselors and psychologists.
    I am glad to help in any way I can.

  12. Yes, let’s leave it to the students. After all look how quickly that worked to extricate us out of Vietnam. My daughter is a senior at Staples and admitted to me that she is now cognizant of sitting too close to a window in class because even though she knows its improbable, she can’t help thinking of what “might” happen. How focused do you think she is able to be on her studies. Sorry, I am NOT willing to wait for someone else to protect my kids. Period.

  13. Russell Gontar

    Here’s is a demonstration of the firing power of an AR-15. It starts around 2:15 in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSizVpfqFtw.

    Imagine a single SRO confronting a madman with such overwhelming firepower. And how would a SRO handle multiple shooters? REINSTATE THE ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN!

    • Exactly, Russ. Three Westport Police officers on the scene wouldn’t be able to confront that type of weapon and survive.

      • You bet, and if some idiot steals a tank and drives it into the school the SRO is out of luck as well. Westport police don’t issue officers anti-tank weapons.

        To all: Let’s just sit on our collective you-know-whats and ring our hands over why Congress isn’t passing gun control legislation, especially since the moment it’s past every assault-type weapon or high capacity magazine will instantly disappear from the face of the earth and everything will be well in our nirvana. You are also missing the actual day-to-day positives this position brings to our schools….but no one seems interested in knowing that. I can almost guarantee that no one who responded negatively to those of us that are actually trying to do something IMMEDIATE to protect our schools will be at the BOE meeting tonight to get educated enough about the SRO position to make an informed opinion. PLEASE prove me wrong….I dare you.

        • Russell Gontar

          You can buy an AR war weapon 24/7 in this country. Tell me, where would steal a tank from?

          • Sarcasm, another service I offer. You’re right about the quantity and availability of assault weapons..exactly my point. Even if a complete ban on guns was passed today do you really believe that would stop anyone from getting their hands on one for the foreseeable future. The answer is no, be real. We need to do what we can today, while continuing to push for a long term solution. Please attend the BOE meeting tonight and get informed on the true scope of the SRO position. It’s not just about security, there are real, verifiable positives to having an SRO position in a district. Hope to see you there.

            • Don’t forget to mention the fact that the country has less than 5% of the world’s population and almost half of the world’s civilian-owned firearms that you wish to add to.

            • I will hope and pray Westport does not add a gun carrying SRO to our schools.

            • Russell Gontar

              If a complete ban did not stop 99% of folks from getting their hands on a gun for the purpose of shooting up a crowd, I would still consider such a seeming lack of effectiveness to be worth the ban, if only stopped one shooter. It might have stopped Cruz.

              Our moral obligation is to err on the side of caution and at least take one step towards making a purchasing a war weapon harder to do. Just because a solution isn’t foolproof doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used. Seatbelts and airbags don’t save all lives but we do not look at those innovations and say, well, they don’t work all the time, let’s forgo them.

              • I could not agree with you more. That’s why the SRO, although not foolproof, is a big step in the right direction we can take NOW, while the people push for reasonable long term solutions the politicians will NEVER get done, especially not in a timely fashion. Yes, if the SRO saves one life from going off the tracks because of drugs, alcohol, bullying, suicide, harassment, violence or intervenes to help get mental health assistance for a student, to your point, it will be worth it. I doubt you were at the BOE meeting last night but there were quite a few people who were surprised and pleased with the true definition and results of SRO programs. At the end there was not one person who spoke against the initiative. Having enough information before a snap judgement is the way to go. Thanks for your great points.

              • So this is about banning all guns, not just assault weapons….correct?

                • My question is for Russell…

                • Russell Gontar

                  No. Assault weapons. And we all know what those are except for the individual who keeps asking “what is an assault weapon” on related posts.

                  • I think he asks “what is an assault weapon” because it has varying definitions among regulators…the weapon banned would depend on the definition.
                    Example – What is to stop someone from entering a school with several pistols and many 10 round magazines?
                    Which would lead to ….why just ban assault weapons, why not all guns?

                    Don’t get me wrong, I’m for banning high powered semi automatic weapons because I don’t see the purpose in civilian life….however, it is just a part of the equation, and probably wouldn’t stop someone with mental issues from doing mental things.

                    The underlying fear for many may be the possible future banning of all guns…losing the right to protect themselves…..and even you seem to be against that.

                    • Russell Gontar

                      He keeps asking because he wants to divert the conversation into a “technical” discussion about what is and what ain’t. Somehow, we managed to ban machine guns, bazookas and shoulder mounted surface to air missiles without that step being dragged down into tech talk.

                      Whatever solution is arrived at, it will not stop all incidents. I just want to stop one.

                    • What “is and what ain’t” has to be part of the discussion….so we know what is is and what ain’t is…

                      Jeez, I’m starting to sound like Bill Clinton…

                    • Russell Gontar

                      You know who has fear? Americans going about their daily business who must now must fear being shredded from the inside out every time they step out of their front door by someone who just bought a high powered semi automatic gun at Walmart. Frankly, I’m all out of sympathy for those fear banning all guns.

                    • I hear you Russell.

                      By the way, Walmart stopped selling “assault rifles, semi-automatic shotguns and other firearms commonly used in mass shootings” after the Virginia shootings in 2012.

              • One shoe bomber on a plane and now everyone has to take their shoes off. Want to drive a car, you need a license and insurance. Speed limits stop people from driving too fast. Seat belts are mandatory. Want to vote-show ID.

                Time for gun control. Time to stop the selling of semi automatic military rifles.

                • We have gun control now. Are you familiar with the laws? Can you assure us that the banning semi-automatic weapons will end school shootings? Can you provide empirical evidence that such a ban will reduce the probability of schools shootings? What is a semi-automatic military rifle?

  14. Do not like the sound of ‘immediately’ and ‘no time for debate’. And a frenzy for a petitio. I think some folks think these police officers would sniper trained? Also wondering if it costs less to hire security officers for all the schools or significantly properly upgrade the security systems of all the schools ? Hmm…..

  15. Do Westport schools hold these “active shooter” drills? If so, what do the kids and teachers think about it? Is it a district or state decision?

  16. Likening SRO’s to D.A.R.E the program is appropriate, I think, because D.A.R.E. is repeatedly proven NOT to work. It normalizes a behavior and distracts from the root issue. https://dare.procon.org/ – Chris Woods

  17. I am against the idea of armed personnel at school. I do not think an armed guard would deter an individual woth a lust for blood shed.

    Schools can be equipped with better surveillance equipment and modifications to the campus landscape and architecture to create a more defensible environment and, there are barricade devices that can be placed in every room.

  18. As a parent with 3 children in Westport schools I am grateful to the Westporters who take the time participate in these discussions, offer ideas and share knowledge. Even when our opinions differ at the end of the day we all want (I hope) the same thing, a town and a school system that provides our students a safe environment that delivers highly regarded curriculum and opportunities with a strong network of support. For me personally, an SRO can’t offer protection I can count on to keep my children safe from harm in a school shooting scenario. Sadly, the chances of that SRO being at the right place, at the right time for them are slim. I’ve read some towns have approved a saftey strategy of building police (community) substations on school grounds which though costly, is an interesting concept. A less costly safety measure involves our children who are more likely to come across warning signs before adults do because of their proximity both in school and through online social sources; Establishing an anonymous tip site similiear to Fairfield (https://edu.moatusers.com/IncidentReport/Introduction?q=9m75bMvbkjgbPxGVKBmvmTd1ZUMALrRC1QllDQcAJgUJJj01oR&1=IDDDD&p=%5BSNVeSVRYQ%5D&s=kSsX2B6UH95mna2LPfKV&x=smGBrsqnfTRbMKexvn2kRqSYG7NJ9D) for students (and parents) to alert police and school counselors. A tip line could increase the likelyhood of early intervention for so many preventable tragies/situitions in addition to school shootings. As we recently saw where a teens warnings prevented a school schooling at the FairHaven High School in VT, our children play an important, potentially life saving role in this saftey discussion.

  19. we need more guns in society. The guns should be larger and more powerful. We need to give more money to the NRA. Thank you president Bone Spur 5 star deferment for your courage in recommending teachers be armed. You are truly a very brave man. I also like President Bone Spur new law making it easier to het guns into the hands of the mentally sick. More guns in every place and more carrying of concealed guns is brilliant. Purchasing guns without background checks is also brilliant. Lets keep it up . USA USA USA.

  20. I signed and shared! Access into Westport public schools is WAY too easy! A detailed analysis needs to be done. What is the district’s legal liability should an unfortunate incident occur and it is determined that the district was negligent in protecting our chiidren?

  21. Cannot imagine the reaction and fallout the first time the SRO on duty shoots and kills a student because he thought there was a threat.

    Uncharted waters…:

  22. If we do this, the officers need to be barred from intervening or being involved in day to day disciplinary matters (and the school needs to be barred from calling them for it). Everything the schools handle today as regular discipline should stay that way with zero police involvement. I can’t imagine this will be that much of a problem in our privileged schools, but in less privileged schools it has turned into the criminalization of being a regular disruptive kid. Though we may be surprised what the police find our kids doing.

  23. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Imagine how worried we’d be if the “old Staples” with its outside traffic of students changing classrooms every hour on the hour. It would probably draw killers from across the country. I’m of the opinion that its fairly disgusting to accept bank security without a comment while pushing back on school security. Denying the shooter access to his target leaves a deranged human with a gun little option but to turn it on himself. BTW, I’ve never heard the observation that, at least as far as we know, none of these mass killings have been directly committed by women. Am I wrong?

  24. I don’t know how this would work. There are many was in and out of staples high school. The locker room doors are always left open for anyone to walk in. Do you really think someone is going to lock and unlock those doors everytime a player leaves or enters those locker rooms. What about the field house ? I don’t see how this is going to work.

    • Tom: Attend the BOE Meeting this evening and find out how this would work, as well as understand security is NOT the main job description of the SRO. They become a valuable tool for the positive education and safety of our kids in a regular, day-to-day way. Educated yourself with the facts, then make a decision either way. 7:30 at Staples.

  25. Reading articles and opinion pieces, and listening to each other, is a far better way to gain knowledge than “listening” to the 24/7 “news” outlets, who deny they get excited whenever a disaster occurs.
    With that, I apologize to M. Petrino for brushing off, rather than disagreeing with, his data reference in a previous post.

  26. Alex et al: Perhaps the following would help clarify what the SRO is and is not. BTW, Alex, as a current Staples parent I can tell you most people would be shocked at what our “privileged” students are up to.

    The following is a generic example of a School Resource Officer’s Job Description but not an official Westport description:
    1. Provide law enforcement and police services to the school, school grounds and areas
    adjacent to the school. Investigate allegations of criminal incidents per police department policies and procedures. Enforce state and local laws and ordinances. Make appropriate referrals to juvenile authorities or other governmental agencies.
    2. Work to prevent juvenile delinquency through close contact and positive relationships with students. In addition the SRO shall develop crime prevention programs and conduct security inspections to deter criminal or delinquent activities. The SRO should monitor crime statistics and work with local patrol officers and students together to design crime prevention strategies
    3. Establish and maintain a close partnership with school administrators in order to provide for a safe school environment. Assist school officials with their efforts to enforce Board Of Education policies and procedures. Ensure school administrator safety by being present during school searches, which may involve weapons, controlled dangerous substances or in such cases that, the student’s emotional state may present a risk to the administrator. Assist school administrators in emergency crisis planning and building security matters. Provide a course of training for school personnel in handling crisis situations, which may arise at the school.
    4. Be visible within the school community. Attend and participate in school functions. Build working relationships with the school’s staff as well as with student and parent groups.
    5. Develop and implement classes in law related education to support the educational efforts of the faculty. Work closely with teachers in designing and presenting law-related topics and the role of police in our society.
    6. Work with guidance counselors and other student support staff to assist students and to provide services to students involved in situations where referrals to service agencies are necessary. Assist in conflict resolution efforts.
    7. Initiate interaction with students in the classroom and general areas of the school building. Promote the profession of police officer and be a positive role model. Increase the visibility and accessibility of police to the school community.

  27. January Stewart

    So, is our town prepared to pay the lawsuits which will inevitably follow, if/when a gun is accidentally discharged at one of our schools by the SRO? Accidents happen. Here is an instance where a 3rd grader pulled the trigger while they were seated on a bench with an officer at school…2 weeks ago. We already have security personnel at the schools. We don’t need more guns that may, or more likely, may not, be able to subdue an intruder armed with a high capacity assault weapon. http://www.kare11.com/article/news/3rd-grader-accidentally-discharges-officers-gun/89-515027206

  28. You bet, and if some idiot steals a tank and drives it into the school the SRO is out of luck as well. Westport police don’t issue officers anti-tank weapons.

    To All: Let’s just sit on our collective you-know-whats and ring our hands over why Congress isn’t passing gun control legislation, especially since the moment it’s past every assault-type weapon or high capacity magazine will instantly disappear from the face of the earth and everything will be peace and love the next day.

    You are also missing the actual day-to-day positives this position brings to our schools….but no one seems interested in knowing that. I can almost guarantee that no one who responded negatively to those of us that are actually trying to do something IMMEDIATE to protect our schools (over 250 on the petition just started) will be at the BOE meeting tonight to get educated enough about the SRO position to make an informed opinion. PLEASE prove me wrong….I dare you.

  29. Catherine Davis

    Not in our schools but in neighboring ones. They are thinking of training some teachers to carry weapons

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  30. Concerned Citizens,
    It is great that we are so passionate and thoughtful about this important issue of school security. I hope that we can disagree respectfully as we work together on this problem. I was one of many speakers at the Board of Education meeting last night and was impressed by the passion, thoughtfulness, and respects shown by the Board, administration, first responders, and citizens last night. Here is the text of my comments.

    My name is Mike Hibbard and I live on Rocky Ridge Road in Westport. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on school security.

    I recently retired after 47 very fulfilling years as a public educator — first as a science teacher then dean of students, high school principal, and finally many years as an assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

    I have participated in over 800 BOE meetings — 14 of them were fun — and many were important. Tonight’s meeting is very important. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to education.

    Our big problem to solve together is how to keep students and adults safe in our schools. Thinking and working together we can find some answers.

    I see two subproblems.

    One is how do we continue to improve the educational experiences for all of our students so they are academically successful and feel important and needed with a strong sense of belonging to positive groups?

    To do this we must keep the quality and diversity of programs in and outside the classroom robust so we engage all of our students.

    We must also provide the school counseling and psychological services needed to meet the varied needs of all of our students.

    Solving this first subproblem can decrease the likelihood of a student becoming a shooter.

    The second subproblem to solve is how to continue to improve the structural and procedural components of the Westport Public School’s safety plan.

    One component being discussed is placing School Resource Officers — SROs — in all of our schools. I have had very positive experiences with excellent SROs in elementary, middle and high schools. This option deserves careful study.

    Another component suggested by some individuals and groups at the national level is to arm teachers and administrators with guns. I grew up in the MidWest hunting and fishing with my Dad, uncles, grandfather, and son so I have a lot of experience with pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

    I am absolutely opposed to arming educators — that is a non-negotiable position for me.

    The problem of how to keep students and adults safe in our schools is difficult and extremely important. Educators, students, parents, first responders, and other Westport residents can work together to solve this problem.

    I am willing to help.

    Thank you.

  31. One Federal firearms license covering all rifles and handguns. All applicants must pass background, mental health, police interview, finger prints and a waiting period. All registration information in a central database.

    Banning of all high capacity magazines, firearms and parts capable of being modified or modifying a firearm, to fully automatic. Banning military-style assault weapons and weapons commonly used in mass shootings.

    Federally mandated life in prison without chance of parole for any person involved in planning an/or executing an act of domestic terrorism, such that involves places of public assemblage, municipal buildings, targeting of random persons, entertainment venues, parks or any act intended to create panic or advance extremist views or positions. Also any person involved in the distribution, manufacture or sales of weapons or materials intended for domestic terrorism uses or who is in violation of the Federal Firearm license regulations as well.

    Anyone interested in moving off your staunch left or right position and pushing for something we can all begrudgingly agree to? I believe the above may be a start…..instead of taking shots at it, let’s work towards something we can advance to our representatives. Anyone game or do we just keep sniping at one another?

  32. Issue at Staples? School being dismissed early. Westport police onsite.