Julia Marino’s NBC Airings

Last month, “06880” described the heartwarming friendship between Julia Marino and Chaihyun Kim.

They met in Long Lots Elementary School kindergarten, and for the next 3 years were inseparable.

They went their separate ways later, as kids do. But — as Julia became a US Olympic team snowboarder, and Chai a pre-med student at Yale University — their friendship endured.

Chai and Julia, age 6.

As Julia got ready to head to PyeongChang for the Winter Games, Chai and her family used their South Korean contacts to help Julia’s family find lodging and tickets.

It’s exactly the type of story NBC loves. Many Olympic viewers are casual — or even non — sports fans. By showcasing athletes’ back stories, the network hopes those viewers will be drawn into the drama of sports.

Area residents can tune in at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday, February 17, WNBC-TV Channel 4) for Julia and Chai’s story on “The Olympic Zone.” NBC stations around the country will also air the show; check local listings for time.

That segment should whet viewers’ appetites for Julia’s big air competition. It begins Monday (Sunday, US time).

(Hat tips: Sharon and John Miller)

Julia Marino

5 responses to “Julia Marino’s NBC Airings

  1. Having followed this friendship in real-time via my wife, a first generation Korean immigrant (who had faced similar challenges), and as new parents ourselves worried about how our own mixed-raced kids might be treated by their classmates, what the Marinos did for Chai was hugely important in spirit to us as well, and reinforced we had made the right choice in choosing Westport.

    • Jeff, thanks for these kind thoughts. I hope your kids were/are accepted fully & seamlessly in Westport & beyond!

  2. Ann Marie Flynn-USA ‘56 Olympic Team

    Hi Dan…much thanks for the time and other info on Julia Marino air time.
    Don’t want to miss it…..the time/work she has put into making the Team
    Is unbelievable…..wouldn’t like to miss any of it…

  3. Here is the latest info from John Marino (from Facebook)…Julia tested positive for the flu & has been quarantined for 3 days, missing the first 2 days of Big Air practice. She has one more shot to get practice in tomorrow (today EST). The flu has really hit the athlete village pretty hard.
    In their infinite wisdom they are changing the timing of Big Air qualifiers from 7:30 PM tomorrow EST to 8 -930 PM, shortening it by one run because of…weather. Not sure why the decision 2 days in advance, especially since the weather looks much better than the day of slopestyle.
    Lastly, NBC is doing a segment on Chai & Jules tonight at 7:30 EST on the Olympic Zone.