Westporter In Trump Administration Gets High Marks

Dr. Scott Gottlieb — a Westport resident — serves as President Trump’s commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration.

Yesterday, the New York Times assessed his tenure. The largely positive story begins:

Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, came to the job with a résumé straight out of the Trump administration’s playbook.

A millionaire with a libertarian bent, he made his money working for the industry he now regulates, and had investments in 20 health care companies whose products could come before the agency for approval. Pharmaceutical and medical device executives enthusiastically supported his nomination, while consumer and public health groups sounded the requisite alarms.

“Unprecedented financial entanglements,” complained Senator Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington, during his confirmation hearing.

Now, more than nine months after he was confirmed, Dr. Gottlieb has achieved something unusual among President Trump’s appointees: He has quieted some skeptics, while also managing to keep industry supporters content and the president on his side. He has done so by making moves to protect public health while also offering rewards to industry — double plays that have some willing to give him a second look.

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Dr. Scott Gottlieb

26 responses to “Westporter In Trump Administration Gets High Marks

  1. Is it so hard to believe that appointees in the administration might actually have good intentions? Whether it’s this administration or another president’s, most people who offer their expertise to the government are doing it with the intention of serving their country. Some do it better than others.

  2. A. David Wunsch

    Finally a decent Trump appointment . The exception who proves the rule: most of Trump’s appointees are unqualified or hostile to the mission of their agency. EPA is exhibit number one– a climate change denier.
    ADW Staples 1956

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

      ADW – Just a conceptual question for you: If every person on an individual basis did everything they could do themselves to thwart climate change – would we really need an EPA? I am not arguing your point and I support the EPA – but I’ve also read a great deal documenting that many of the leading environmentalists – such as one of our recent vice presidents – who is widely regarded as an authority on climate change – does very little in his personal conduct to support his purported beliefs yet continues to articulate them probably reasoning that we don’t get his message. I’m not a climate change denier – I’m just a political hack believer. Anyhow – got to go and pay my taxes. EWB

      • A. David Wunsch

        I’ve heard this same tired argument from Rush Limbaugh: Al Gore has a large house and flies around in an airplane, ergo these climate change hysterics are a bunch of hypocrites. If the Gores of this country and everyone else at his wealth level were to move to smaller houses the overall carbon footprint of this nation would barely be altered. It’s mass behavior that determines the CO2 output and this is determined by such things as the fuel efficiency of cars being driven in this country and the number of homes switching to solar power.
        ADW Staples 1956


    He made the money he’s spent
    Working for the industry he now regulates,
    But since he’s a millionaire, the paper states,
    with a libertarian bent
    He’s not actually for
    Regulating the industry he now regulates
    He’s done nothing (or anything at all?) yet
    To cause the skeptics much regret
    And industry supporters (pharmaphiliacs?) remain content!
    So, the status quo:
    A Petri dish where profits grow and
    Costs of our meds still soar
    –to where, we do not know!
    Still….no shoe has fallen
    He hasn’t beat his wife
    (as far as we know)

    • Last two lines– great

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

      We had no Bernie so we got Hillary and because we then had Hillary we now have Trump. Actions have consequences and so does inaction.

      • Russell Gontar

        We have trump now because he worked with a hostile foreign nation to manipulate and rig the election. He now busy gutting the federal government and using his position for personal gain. And that’s just the short of it.

  4. how come i do not believe a word of this ?
    i think kelly anne wrote the article….

  5. ..so if I knock on his door do you think he can do something about my ADD generic meds costing me $2300 a year on Medicare?

  6. Anyone with even an ounce of respect for themselves, their family, and their country, would choose not to work in this administration.

  7. Don’t worry people, you can keep your doctor…

  8. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    I don’t really see my Dr. too often and when I do, its only for 5 mins while he’s filling out the visit report online.

  9. Scott,
    Congratulations on your appointment.
    You not only chose to accept a very difficult position but also to put up with terribly uncharitable and unpatriotic slurs as seen here. What a shame…and from your neighbors‼️ Hang in there, my friend, and thank you for your service👍🏼🇺🇸

    • Define “uncharitable” please
      Define “unpatriotic”…oh, that one is “last refuge of a scoundrel” right?

  10. wow – sorry state of affairs here (and lack of familiarity with facts) when a blog post recognizing the high marks the NYTs gives Westport’s own FDA commissioner generates this much . . . crap.

    Congratulations Dr. Gottlieb; even the NYTs (no friend of the Trump admin) thinks you are doing a good job.

  11. To paraphrase Obama ” We won; you lost, get over it”

    • It’s not a hockey game.

    • Russell Gontar

      T won because he rigged the election. He cheated. What a surprise!

      • How was the election rigged? Not as easy as “Deflategate”.
        He won because people actually liked his protectionist, xenophobic message, and because of the existence of the archaic electoral college system. I don’t know how you change either problem.

  12. Nice to see you have a keen grasp of the obvious

  13. It’s like a Rachael Maddow blog. Stop your crying. You lost. Move on. Bunch of liberal cry babies. Congratulations Dr. Gottlieb.