Thanks, T. Hanks

On Friday, “06880” highlighted a great new Westport store. Tucked in behind Little Barn, Backspace is a spot where folks can admire and buy old typewriters — or pound out poetry, prose, even a thank-you note.

Readers flooded the comments section with praise for the concept.

One suggested that owner Karin Kessler contact Tom Hanks. In addition to his day job, he’s an avid typewriter collector.

Karin replied:

He does not give email address, only a physical one. Wants people to actually take the time to write a letter. I have typed him 4 letters so far. I think he will respond when he actually receives one – don’t know who passes along mail. In his movie “California Typewriters” he says he would respond if someone typed him a letter. We will see!

Cohl Katz — the popular local hairstylist who counts Tom Hanks (among many other A-listers) as a client — heard about Karin’s quest. Cohl suggested Instagram. (He’s @tomhanks — and, she says, he loves seeing photos of cool typewriters.)

Karin immediately posted a photo, with a link to the story.

And — just as immediately — Tom typed a letter in return.

Karin was thrilled to hear back. She promises to let us know if when he stops by her store.

I gotta say: I think it’s pretty cool that he read “06880” too.

4 responses to “Thanks, T. Hanks

  1. A beautiful shop and an enthusiastic owner. A real trip down memory lane.
    Was that my Underwood on display? Nah, but it sure looked like it. I did a
    “Big red fox…” on an Olivetti 32 that I drooled over years ago but I don’t think my MacBook Pro was jealous. That just might change!

  2. A. David Wunsch

    The best parts were the errors and strikeovers in his typing, which gave him authenticity . McLuhan had it right : “the medium is the message”.
    ADW Staples 1956

  3. Joan McNaughton

    I love typewriters. Learned in the 1960’s on a manual then graduated to an electric which I used when I worked secretarial. But love seeing the old typewriters. I remember seeing the ones the ladies used in WW2 at the Winston Churchill war rooms in London England! Amazing!! Joan McNaughton, Canadian!

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  4. Great story! Excited to check out the store!