Broadway was dark last night. That’s a Monday tradition.

But a capacity crowd at Christ & Holy Trinity Church’s Branson Hall enjoyed an evening of entertainment as show-stopping as anything you’ll see in New York.

Tony Award-winning Kelli O’Hara and “A Bronx Tale” lead Adam Kaplan headlined an all-star cabaret. It was a fundraiser for Staples Orphenians, who travel to Australia this summer for performances and workshops.

Kelli O’Hara, at last night’s cabaret. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

O’Hara — a Westport resident — wowed the crowd with her operatic voice. She was full of praise for Staples’ stellar a cappella group, who she first heard perform last spring, at the Levitt Pavilion.

Standing in the church hall loft, the Orphenians — led by choral director Luke Rosenberg, down below — accompanied O’Hara on 2 compelling numbers.

Kaplan — a 2008 Staples graduate — recalled his days in the music and drama programs. At Elon University, he said, he talked so much about his high school that his friends joked there were 3 levels of performance: “Elon, Broadway, and at the top, Staples.”

Adam Kaplan (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

The cabaret also featured Staples grads Clay Singer and Caroline Didelot, and solos by 9 Orphenians.

(Click here for the Orphenians’ GoFundMe page.)

5 responses to “Cabaret!

  1. The cabaret was a very memorable event; the alumni and current students were excellent in their performances and Kelli O’Hara is truly remarkable.

  2. Deirdre O'Farrelly

    It was a fabulous evening, all the performances entrancing. A wonderful community event, thank you to all.
    Go Orphs, climb every mountain, follow every dream.

  3. Beautiful music, outstanding talent. So proud of our kids! Congrats to all, truly inspiring!

  4. Lisa Marie Alter


    I literally pinch myself every time I attend an event featuring our young resident musicians and performers: the commitment and passion of our teachers are compelling, and the talent pool of our students knows no depth.

    Westport schools’ music and performing arts programs are such an important part of our community, and what truly distinguish our school system… and are much-deserving of continued fostering and support, no matter what budgetary constraints come down the pike.

    Props to the Orphenians, and to Adam Kaplan, Clay Singer, Caroline Diderot for their outstanding accomplishments; much gratitude to Ms. O’Hara for contributing her breathtaking performance… and to her father-in-law, for his enduring support as the engaging emcee at SHS “Westport Pops” concerts at the Levitt (if you have not been, do not miss it this June !).

    “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Victor Hugo

    Lisa Marie Alter

    • Lisa Marie Alter

      WHOOPS: meant to say “the depth of the talent pool of our students knows no limit” —
      #WhatHappenWhenAPhoneCallComesIn #WhileCommentingOn06880