Justin Paul Makes US Olympics

Justin Paul was a Staples Player. As in, the acting troupe.

He was not an ice hockey player. Nor did he play any other sport.

But the 2003 graduate will be everywhere at this month’s Winter Olympics.

As millions of viewers of last night’s Super Bowl noticed, “This Is Me” — a song composed by Paul and songwriting partner Benj Pasek — was the background for a dramatic, compelling NBC Sports ad.

The song — sung by The Bearded Lady (Keala Ssettle) in “The Greatest Showman,” an anthem of diversity and acceptance — fits well with the network’s goal of personalizing Olympic athletes, celebrating their many paths to success and achievement.

The ad will air frequently during the PyeongChang games. They begin Thursday.

“This Is Me” is having a run that Bode Miller would envy. It won a Golden Globe, and has been nominated for an Oscar. The soundtrack reached the top of the charts internationally, and was #1 on iTunes in over 65 countries.

So tune in this month for the athletes. And enjoy Westport’s own amazing artist — Justin Paul — too.

BONUS FUN FACTWestport resident John Miller is chief marketing officer for NBC’s Olympics coverage.

(Hat tip: Mary Palmieri Gai)

6 responses to “Justin Paul Makes US Olympics

  1. We ALL have broken parts. This song is everyone’s anthem…thank you, Justin.

  2. Congratulations to Justin Paul and good luck to all the athletes of the 2018 Winter Games! Onward!! The Barnum Museum

  3. I am exploding with pride for Justin Paul …. amazing accomplishments‼️❤️

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  4. The quality of the music that these guys wrote for The Greatest Showman is astounding. The songs, (all as good or better than “This is Me”) will be sung on Broadway and in high school and college productions forever. The Gershwins had Westport ties and so did the Richard Rogers (well Greenfield Hill) Move over Gershwin and Rogers.. make room for Justin Paul (and Benj Pasek) …they are taking their place among the greats.

  5. Theresa Kovacs

    The song is great “This Is Me” and so happy to hear it over and over again!

  6. Is that Paul & Pasek in the Oscar nominees “class photo” (BBC)?