Photo Challenge #162

If you’ve ever been to the Westport Weston Family Y, last week’s photo challenge was a slam dunk.

Ed Simek’s photo showed the cow that sits on the flat roof. You see it from the spinning room, and by the stairs leading down to the pool, fitness center and locker rooms. (Click here for the photo.)

Ben Berkley, Lynn Wilson, Elizabeth Fry, Ann Bernier, Jalna Jaeger, Karen Kim, Art Schoeller, Martin Gitlin, Rick Benson, Kathy Fagan and Eva Lopez Reyman all recognized the cow.

They should. It’s been there since the new Y opened.

Which raises a few questions:

Where did it come from? Who decided to put a cow on the roof? In other words, Why, Y?

If you know the back story, click “Comments” below. And if you know where to find this week’s photo challenge, do the same.

(Photo/Ben Berkley)


28 responses to “Photo Challenge #162

  1. Compo Marina from a drone

  2. Ditto…..Compo Marina from a drone

  3. Andrew Colabella

    Drone shot of Compo marina frozen over

  4. Ned Dimes Marina (From a drone?)

  5. Seth Schachter

    Boat slip – Ariel view – Ned dimes marina ?

  6. The Dimes Marina from overhead.

  7. Peggy O'Halloran

    Drone pic of marina

  8. Ariel view of bed dimes marina

  9. Ariel view of bed dimes marina

  10. The marina taken from a drone.

  11. Aerial photo of Ned dimes marina

  12. Compo marina docks, from a drone. From George Bory


  13. Clearly that one wasn’t hard 😉

  14. Wow. I thought this one would be VERY hard. You guys are GOOD! Yes, it’s the Ned Dimes Marina at Compo Beach, taken by a drone. Well done!

  15. Compo Marina

  16. Looks like the Compo Marina

  17. Compo Yacht Basin, ( ah er Ned Dimes Marina) aerial view of empty slips in winter!!

  18. Marina slips from above.

  19. Seth Braunstein

    Ned Dimes Marina

    Sent from my iPhone


  20. Ned Dimes by drone

  21. Compo Marina from the air, likely a drone

  22. Brandon Malin

    Ned dimes from a drone. It’s a great shot, and very fun to take from above! (this looks like from about 250-300 feet, if I had to guess)

  23. Jonathan McClure

    Ned Dimes Marina from above

  24. Shirlee Gordon

    Ned Dimes marina without the boats

  25. Lawrence J Zlatkin

    A nice pic of Ned Dimes marina from the air.

  26. Mary Ann Batsell

    Yes the marina at Compo beach, but I want to know the back story about the cow, no one commented on that!

    • Yes, Rick Benson did. He said it came from Lucy McKinney’s collection of fiberglass animals. She and her family — the Bedfords — are longtime benefactors of the Westport Y.

  27. Mary Ann Batsell

    Thanks Dan, good to know, didn’t see Rick’s post