Searching For Sarah Kennedy

For 4 decades — first at the Cellar Workshop on Main Street, then on Railroad Place by the train station — Sarah Kennedy designed and sold rings, bracelets, pendants, pins and more.

Four years ago, the 1960 Staples High School grad moved to Tucson. Her many customers and clients — really, they should be called friends — were sorry to see her go.

Sarah Kennedy wears one of her own handblown pieces.

Among them was a Westport woman who — over a lifetime with her husband here — had collected numerous hand-crafted pieces.

Most were semi-precious stones, in hammered gold or silver settings. Sarah also designed, reset and repurposed stones from simpler pieces for the couple.

When Sarah announced her Arizona move, the woman — whose husband had died — had a final set of earrings and matching pendant made.

Nearly all of that jewelry was lost recently, in a burglary.

The woman wants to reach Sarah, to see if she has descriptive information that could aid in its recovery. She has tried to find contact information, but to no avail.

She’s not the only Westporter who hopes to find Sarah. Others have asked me too.

I don’t know where Sarah is now. But perhaps an alert “06880” reader does. If so, please click “Comments” below.

17 responses to “Searching For Sarah Kennedy

  1. Before she left she gave me her new card with contact info, 2 addresses, and a picture of the very large vehicle that she intended to travel west in. Others probably received the same card. Shortly after she left I tried to email and call her but never heard back. I guessed that she had closed her Westport chapter….but I hope someone has info to share.
    -Rosalie Kaye

  2. Rachel Halperin

    Hi there,
    It is possible that she’s presently living in Box Elder, South Dakota. I saw the post and can only imagine how sentimental and upsetting losing such special pieces must have been. I hope this helps somewhat –
    Rachel Halperin

  3. Leah Scherzer

    I was a long time client of Sarah. I miss her. I know she moved out West and has moved on. Recently, I was at Renato’s jewelry (across the street from Stop n Shop) repairing one of Sarah’s pieces. Renato recognized that it was Sarah’s. He told me they were friends and that he does speak to her.
    Your best bet is contacting him. Good luck!

    Leah Scherzer

  4. I actually found a “Sarah Kennedy: Jewelry Designer,” in Arizona, where she’d told me she was headed, but can you believe it…it wasn’t ‘our’ Sarah. I was crushed — and still am — yet still searching her out as our daughter has all her life, wanted Sarah to design her wedding rings. This woman is a treasure and I pray someone finds her…keep me on that list, Dan, please…

  5. Linda Dinsmore Tufts

    Do you have her maiden name as I have some info on 60’s Staples graduates from ur 50 reunion?

  6. A search of reveals only one Sarah Kennedy in Tuscon, a “Sarah P. Kennedy” address:
    137 S. Nightfall Ave
    Tuscon, AZ 85748-1701
    No landline phone number is listed

  7. Sarah was living in Arizona for a while.
    Unfortunately, she has had a reoccurrence of her cancer and
    it is in her brain.
    She is living in Florida now with Mark in a park community.
    She can no longer work and is very very ill.
    She was my go-to,person for forever and I miss not only
    Her wonderful creative soul but her wonderful spirit.

    • Natalie Toraty

      This is really sad news, it’s awful, she is true talent, I loved everything she did.

  8. Hi Linda – don’t know if this helps but Sarahs maiden name was Goldy.I remember her well from the class of 1960.

  9. MIchele Mottola

    Thank you Dan for your article and all the wonderful comments from everyone too. My mom is living in Florida during the winter and then travels around the U.S in the summer time. Sarah is not on any social media and doesn’t use email that often. If someone wishes to get in touch with her, I would be happy to give her a message. You may reach me at . I hope this helps.
    Thank you
    Michele (Coppola) Mottola

  10. Margarita de Santis

    I looked into my Staples yearbook & her maiden name was Sarah Goldy – I just saw that someone else gave her maiden name too.

  11. Renato of Renato’s Jewlers used to work with her I believe and might know how you can reach her. Renato also does very nice work. I also saw that someone posted a phone number for Sarah on Facebook on the site Westport Front Porch but dk if it’s up to date. If you search her name on Facebook you can find the thread. Sarah made a couple of beautiful pieces for me. I hope she is doing ok and miss her shop.

  12. Thanks, Dan, for making it possible for so many of us who have tried to contact Sarah fruitlessly, hoping to get a sense of where and how she is.
    I moved from Westport over a year ago, but am still addicted to 06880, and this story is only one of the reasons why. Thank you!

  13. Natalie Toraty

    I will reach out to my jeweler friends in Tucson and ask if any know where we can find Sara.
    Also please tell your friend that for insurence perpose in order to recover descreption there is another way… through appraisal that is working with the insurence. Have her contact me and I will try to do my best.
    Natalie (From Noya)

  14. Bill Boyd (staples 66)

    Good job Dan, as always…I hope Sarah is doing ok….

  15. I found Sarah through her daughter and she graciously mailed me my wonderful bracelet that she made and then repaired for me/ I will wear it proudly — thank you Sarah —