You have to be very wealthy to afford this Bentley Bentayga.

But that doesn’t mean you’re smart enough to read road signs.

Or notice that, for an entire block, every other car is pointed in the opposite direction.

20 responses to “Oops!

  1. The New York tags explain it away.

  2. I’ve seen that Bentley around Partrick Road heading toward Wilton Road. He never stops at the stop sign – always rushes through. Drives me crazy.

  3. Andrew Colabella

    I apologize for my chauffeurs driving behavior.

  4. He took Friday flashback to heart recalling main st was once all two way

  5. Maybe he was backing down Main Street when the photo was taken.

  6. We have a photo- should we send it to WPD? Running stop signs, driving down a one way… this person might kill someone. Then it won’t be so funny.

  7. Can’t we blame this on Malloy and the Democrats?! Or is it just fake news? 🙂

  8. must be Photoshop or sumpthin’…..
    Or…….terrible how all those other cars are all going the wrong way!!!!

  9. OR…. if you look carefully , the truck is about to tow the Bentley!

  10. he’s disoriented because the Y looks so different now and all those trees
    are gone !

  11. Nice car though

  12. Jonathan McClure

    Given the photographic evidence and the comment from Susan, this driver should be reported. Not sure if the driver is just oblivious or entitled (or both).

  13. Richard Fogel

    self driving car

  14. Ellen Wentworth

    Had a feeling my car went astray!

  15. Sharon Paulsen

    “Ah, there’s Tiffany’s! Thanks, WAZE!”

    (snark) 😉

  16. Maybe the money would have been better spent on driving school?

  17. Shirlee Gordon