Friday Flashback #75

We’ve lost many handsome buildings in Westport.

Some are gone because of neglect. Others outlived their usefulness. Still more were torn down because they were in the way of something newer, different or “better.”

For years, a handsome building stood at 50 Jesup Road. It was once a private residence. Later, it became the Open Door Inn:

(Photo courtesy of Paul Ehrismann)

It was demolished in the 1950s. The town had outgrown its police headquarters — in the basement of what was then Town Hall. Today the building houses 2 restaurants: Jesup Hall and, below, Rothbard Ale + Larder.

If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine the cops who worked there — and prisoners in the lockup, staring through bars at the alley outside.

6 responses to “Friday Flashback #75

  1. Before that somewhat regrettable Colonial Revival combover was affixed to its front elevation, the Taylor residence was a stunning Second Empire style structure. You can still see the original mansard roof in this image. I think it was called something like the Gen. Putnam Inn either before or after the Open Door Inn.

    • Do you have access to a picture of the original exterior?

      • I believe there’s a wonderfully evocative image of the Taylor residence in Eve Potts’ book Westport…A Special Place.

  2. I find the description of the current occupants confusing. Jesup Hall and Rothbard are located in the old Town Hall (stone) building at 90 Post Road East, built in the early 1900s.

  3. Oh those crazy days when the whole town government fit in one little building.

  4. The Clerk’s Office in the old Town Hall may not be The Town Hall office painted by Norman Rockwell, but every time I see the painting, I can recall that old office in that old building.