Power To The People’s

One week after a big snowstorm, the sidewalk in front of People’s Bank looks like this:

(Photo/Molly Alger)

This was the scene on Tuesday:

Go figure.

8 responses to “Power To The People’s

  1. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Not too very footprints. Maybe some people should get off the internet and out into the real world. 😉

  2. Michael Calise

    This is, a zoning issue. When Peoples Bank renovated a few years ago the P & Z allowed them to close off their Post Road (front) door and orient their business to Compo Road South. so that the actual rear of the building is used s a front entrance. All customers and employees now consider the Post Road as their back yard and therefore of no concern. The current use is not Post Road friendly.

    • Blanking off the traditional front entry of buildings which address arterial routes (like Wilton Road and the Post Road) are usually bad calls, visually speaking. This People’s branch is otherwise an attractive and nicely scaled building. With all the discussion of walkability lately, the decision to literally turn one’s back to the public seems possibly open to criticism for a host of reasons.

  3. gerald f. romano, jr.

    Power to the “People”!
    You have a great Web page, very diversified in all aspects.
    Would it be possible for you to ask the Westport citizens their thoughts on how to get CONNECTICUT out of “DEBT”
    I believe the people who live here are highly educated, have common sense,
    and love give their thoughts and opinions. And possible solve the State’s issues.

    Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

  4. Richard Fogel

    snow bank

  5. Take a look at what has happened in Montecito and you will see you have nothing to complain about.