Unsung Heroes #30


Recent polar temperatures set records, for lows and lengths. And if they didn’t, it was cold comfort — they were close enough.

In the sub-zero midst, alert “06880” reader Scott Brodie sent this suggestion for Unsung Heroes: the folks at our local energy companies — like Hoffman and Gault — who worked overtime to keep so many home heating systems up and toasty.

Local oil companies provide great, cheerful service — even when the weather isn’t as gorgeous as in this shot.

Scott should know. The other day, his mother Esther noticed her house felt a bit chilly.

The furnace was not cycling on — even though the thermostat crept below the set point. She checked the tank monitor on her tank. There was plenty of oil.

Esther called Hoffman. She was told she was “3rd in line.”

Just an hour or so later — at 8:30 p.m. — a repairman knocked on her door. He quickly identified the problem: A thermostat wire had come loose. Within minutes, the problem was fixed.

On his way out, he even straightened out a glitch in Esther’s cable TV service.

“Warm thanks are clearly in order,” Scott says.

For sure. It’s service Westporters have come to expect from local companies like Hoffman and Gault.

But it’s service we should never take for granted. And always be grateful for.

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7 responses to “Unsung Heroes #30

  1. Totally Unsung! Singing Now! Great Post.


  3. Dallas Kersey

    Hats off to the energy companies

  4. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

    I am surprised that there are so few comments. Gault has been around since before time providing top notch service. Let me give you my experience with them although if you said no I would post anyway. I think that my parents always used Gault. Fast forward to February 1999. My Dad died the summer before. He and my step Mom were living in Easton at the time. I came in because my step Mom was in the hospital. It was freezing. The heating system was making a terrible noise. I was afraid to use the heater. I called Gault first thing in the morning. I needed to get to Bridgeport to meet with my Step Mom’s Doctor. Gault accommodated my time requirements and fixed the problem immediately. I pulled out my wallet and said can I pay with a credit card. The answer: “No charge”.” Your dad has a service contract with us to cover normal repairs.” WOW. You couldn’t go wrong with Gault in the good old days and apparently they are still golden. Remarkable in today’s business world.

  5. Yay Scott for giving credit where credit is due. I don’t like the idea of our Essie being chilly. And I love the idea that the Hoffman guy managed to be doubly useful. All good stuff. This weather has been a might challenging!

  6. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    As I recall, based on experience, many years before it became illegal, Gault would terminate service for those unable to pay, even when the weather was cold. Hoffman never did so. That’s why this history made Gault history in our house. It happened while my sister and I were both sick in bed.

  7. Many years ago we discovered the heat was not working when we came up from NYC late afternoon on Christmas Eve many years ago. We had an alarm system with a temperature sensor so it couldn’t have been out too long. In any case, Gault sent someone out pretty quickly and fixed it right away.

    And Monica in customer service was always great to deal with.

    My wife and I highly recommend Gault from our 22 years of experience with them.