Today’s Most Entitled Westporter Is NOT A Driver!

However, he had to get in his car to earn this sleazeball award.

An alert — and legitimately ticked-off — “06880” reader reports: “some jerk dumped not 1, but 2 Christmas trees in front of our house.”

The reader — who is in great shape physically, but nonetheless one year shy of his 80th birthday — adds: “Anyone who was too lazy to take trees to the town brush center, or too stupid to call the Boy Scouts for free pickup, is really a slob.”

He’s too kind. I’d have used much harsher words.

24 responses to “Today’s Most Entitled Westporter Is NOT A Driver!

  1. Hey Dan – heading to the Netherlands in a short while for our annual visit with our Dutch-American family/daughter and her husband and three granddaughters – you’d never see this behavior over there – the Dutch are way too proper and law abiding to even think about this! And I think the reader ought to simply call DPW as if that is a town Road – hard to tell by the photo which Road it is – it looks to be within the town’s ROW and therefore their problem to dispose of.Happy New Year!Chris Swan 

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  2. Dorothy Abrams


  3. Nancy Hunter

    I agree with Dorothy, especially since there are two trees. Anyway, it’s not the end of the world.

  4. Chip Stephens SHS '73

    where is this ?

  5. Michael Urbanowicz

    Those are prob the same people in town who walk there dogs, pick up the mess and leave the bags behind. The Saugatuck area is full of little bags of dog poop along sidewalks and piled up around light and telephone poles.

  6. Trish Lawrence

    My kids never use my car because it permanently smells like wet dog. They were kind enough to bring our tree to the bayberry brush dump and brought the car home filled to the brim with pine needles. I’m holding off on vacuming the car because it smells so great, it’s a miracle!

  7. This person obviously does not fish. Will pick up and deliver to Wilton where there is a great program to place in trout streams. Mianus Trout Unlimited…i believe. In short, apparently…”these evergreen trees help restore wild trout habitat in the Norwalk River to help stabilize stream banks, reduce erosion and create habitat for juvenile trout and other aquatic life.” See Merwin Meadows in Wilton for drop off. See

  8. Richard Fogel

    I have never witnessed a menorah dumped.

  9. “Me Too”, Dan! 🙂 (Have harsher words, that is)

  10. Richard Fogel

    I pick up things all the time. Who knows why it happened? It’s not a big deal. I suggest that when things like this happen be grateful it’s such an easy fix. I can’t bekueve how mean and indignant people can get. It’s a kind deed to pick it up and properly discard. Where is your Christmas spirit??

  11. Richard Fogel

    join societyy and help your neighbors. What would jesus christ say? The tree celebrated his birthday. What about the teachings of jesus? Christgmas spirit?

  12. Rather see a tree than a bag of garbage regardless of how it got there.

  13. Richard Fogel

    this is big o try

  14. I once came across a porta potti that fell off a truck into the middle of the road. Myself and another brave soul pushed it to the side of the road as best we could, let the city know, and even called the phone # on the side. Its a major assumption to think they were dumped and part of what is wrong with our society today. Its quite possible someone did a good deed and dragged them out of the roadway.

  15. From the “Trees Anonymous” blog:

    “Two youths from North Carolina were riding in the back of a Boy Scout holiday tree collection truck in Westport, Connecticut on Saturday, when they tried to make a break for it. Sally and Joe, both 10 years old and from the Douglas Fir family, realized that they were on the way to a mulching facility. According to sources, the love-struck pair decided to roll off the back of the truck – branches intertwined – on a residential street in this lovely Connecticut town. They were last seen waiting to be picked up by members of the Holiday Tree Rescue League.”