Good Morning!

(Screenshot/Ted Horowitz)

Craig Wynne has a sophisticated weather system at his house near the Merritt Parkway. This was his outdoor gauge.

And the winner is: Bart Shuldman!

8 responses to “Good Morning!

  1. Dan, if it makes you feel a little better, we had a balmy 18 degrees this morning in South Carolina.

  2. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Looking forward to 20 degrees….positively tropical!

  3. Bonnie Bradley

    It’s a beautiful sunny morning in CT. There is not a breath of wind to drive the cold down the back of our necks or cause our eyes to water.

    The brilliant snow on the ground is one of nature’s magical gifts in New England: it brings us much needed water, it will nourish the plants slumbering below when it melts and meanwhile protect them from heaving temperatures while it is in place.

    Living in dairy country I often wonder at the farmers so many years ago who had to arise in the dark cold, fight their way thru the snow in uninsulated, often wet clothing, to the unheated barn, to milk and tend their cows.

    We are fortunate to live in a time when we have countless products and devices to protect us from the cold: sturdy dwellings, storm windows, dependable home heating, well equipped vehicles to take us where we want or need to go, puffy coats and insulated mittens.

    Our changing seasons, with their dramatic highs and lows ignite our intellect and emotions. Every problem we encounter spurs us on toward solutions.
    Our changing seasons, and their varieties are a gift.

    So, I say, celebrate our riches of nature and the day,

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

      Thank you for the look back at the past and the great information about what the snow really does for the land. I do remember it as magical and beautiful.

  4. Just for the record, when I looked for the temperature on cross hwy at 7am it read; -14

  5. Patrick Eastin

    72 today in Arizona. Cold snap coming in next week, low to mid 60’s . . .

  6. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

    It was close to 70 in Houston today. I am sorry to report that by next weekend the forecast is for freezing temperatures again. I’m sorry because the usual weather pattern is that the fronts dip down to the Gulf, pick up moisture and head north to New England with colder temperatures and plenty of moisture to bring snow.