Staples Students Help Haiti

There are 17 English department electives at Staples High School.

Caribbean Literature is one. It might not seem like a likely choice in a suburban district. But the curriculum introduces students to the memoirs and novels — and art and culture — of islands they might otherwise know only as resorts.

It gets them thinking.

And acting.

In partnership with the Vassar Haiti Project, 6 students in Ann Neary’s class  organized a show featuring Haitian artists and craftspeople.

Haitian art will be on sale at this Saturday’s fundraiser.

It’s a fundraiser to buy medical supplies and hot food for Chermaitre — a city where some youngsters walk 2 hours to school.

The event is set for this Saturday (January 6), from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. outside the Staples auditorium.

Matilda Ardisson, Liv Ekholdt, Brian Katz, Dylan Middlebrook, Amanda Neckritz and Jake Phillips hope you’ll come. And while you’re there, they’ll be happy to tell you about Caribbean literature too.

7 responses to “Staples Students Help Haiti

  1. Elody Chappuy

    just got that in my email, Event on Saturday to support Haiti.


  2. Ramin Ganeshram

    I am so delighted to read this post! First–thank you to these socially-minded students. As a person of Caribbean descent and an organizer of a Haitian relief effort post the 2010 earthquake, I can tell you the need in Haiti has been ongoing and enormous for many, many decades–a persistent humanitarian crisis on many levels. As a writer, I’m extremely excited that this class exists (and hope it continues until my 7th grader gets to Staples!). We enjoy enormous literary talent in the Caribbean, including some of the giants of English-language literature. I’m putting this event on my calendar!

  3. Stephanie Mastocciolo

    This is wonderful! Haiti definitely needs all the awareness and support it can get. I am Haitian, now living in Westport where my children attend elementary school. I feel very proud that my town/schools are hosting such a special event to showcase the creative side of a struggling country. I have marked my calendar!! Thank you.

  4. Hope Hageman

    Thank you , Dan! As a longtime supporter of Vassar in Haiti, I’m so delighted that this very worthwhile project will have a fundraiser almost on my very doorstep! I’ll be there! Sure beats driving to Poughkeepsie. Would love to know the back story of the Staples-Vassar connection….

  5. It has been wonderful working with the Ann Neary’s students at Staples HS! The Vassar Haiti Project is looking forward to bringing some of the warmth of the Caribbean sun to Westport on Saturday with gorgeous Haitian art and imaginative handcrafts. Can’t wait!

  6. That’s wonderful. As a Haitian, I will be there with my children to support this fundraiser.

  7. Abigail Somerville Tripler

    I’m a Vassar Haiti Project alumnae and can’t wait for this sale! I was able to meet some of the Westport students in the fall. It was inspiring to see the connections between the curriculum and “real life” application. I’m excited to see how our partnership can grow with the Westport community and I encourage everyone to come to the sale. When you walk in I hope you experience the beauty and warmth of Caribbean art; it makes up for the snowy New England weather!