Cohl Katz’s A-List Clients

Cohl Katz makes everyone feel like a celebrity.

The talented hair stylist and makeup artist works with a devoted clientele at Dream Spa. The handsome stand-alone home on the Post Road next to Crate & Barrel is a perfect spot for the low-key but very creative Cohl.

But she finds time to make actual, legit celebrities look even better than usual.

Her clients literally span A (Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin) to Z (Zelda Williams).

The other day, she prepared Jodie Foster for her “Silence of the Lambs” parody on the “Late Show Stephen Colbert.”

Cohl Katz adjusts Jodie Foster’s “Clarice Starling” wig.

Then it was time for Tracy Morgan. His new TV series debuts this spring.

And she posed for a selfie with longtime client Tom Hanks.

Then it was back to Westport. Her customers needed her to make them look fabulous too.

5 responses to “Cohl Katz’s A-List Clients

  1. Wow!

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  2. Sharon Paulsen

    How cool is that!

  3. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

    I just keep smiling as I read all Dan’s posts this week. There seems to be no end to the “Westport Connection” . What a wonderful treat. Thanks, Dan.

  4. Wow.. A celebrity hairdresser. May have to try her out! (though I am sure she has celebrity prices… Maybe you can Dan, you are a WESTPORT celebrity.

    • Jodi Nathanson

      Cohl’s prices are very reasonable and she gives an excellent cut. Cohl does a beautiful job on my hair and my 12 year old daughters hair.