Holiday Thieves Have (Half) A Heart

Last Saturday evening, someone stole Aradh Ana’s son’s backpack from the parking lot of a shopping center.

“They probably thought it had a laptop, iPad or other expensive electronic device,” the Westport woman says. But it only held a homework binder.

The thief kept the backpack. But he or she took the time to find out where Ana lived, drive over, and throw the binder in the front yard of the first house on the road.

A “kindhearted and vigilant” neighbor noticed it in the snow, and brought it over.

“We were upset with the theft. But we were thankful my son got his school binder back,” Ana says. “His class and homework assignments were very important to him.

“It appears these holiday thieves have a heart, but unfortunately not the right mindset. I hope and pray they get the wisdom to stop stealing, start working hard and follow the right path.”

And, she warns, “Stay alert and safe. Lock up your cars while shopping, and also in your driveway. Cheers and happy holidays!”

2 responses to “Holiday Thieves Have (Half) A Heart

  1. It’s sad that a student probably can’t afford a backpack. It’s clearly the wrong solution, but it was very nice that s/he returned the binder.

  2. I’ve been hearing that folks are being stopped in Westport and area towns by parking lot scammers who offer to “fix dents & dings” for a fee. Get in your car, lock the doors and call the police. Take a photo of the car & license plate once you’re secure, if possible.
    These creeps apparently don’t deliver so called repairs as promised. Stay safe, people- don’t engage with strangers in parking lots.