I Couldn’t Improve On This New York Post Headline. So Here’s The Story.

You gotta hand it to the New York Post. Only they could come up with a headline like: “Jewish Family Pulls Off a ‘Toys for Tots’ Christmas Miracle.”

And you gotta hand it to the Rizacks: The Westporters did exactly that.

But let the Post tell the tale, as only it can:

A Jewish family from Connecticut has pulled off a Christmas miracle for 2,200 needy kids in New York City.

The family sprang into action when Toys for Tots was overwhelmed by demand and didn’t have enough toys to go around.

Within 24 hours, Gabriella Rizack, 22, her dad, Joshua, and brothers Reid and Emmet came to the rescue by raising $17,000 to deliver gifts to the waiting children — including kids in domestic violence shelters.

Reid, Emmet,, Gabriella and Joshua Rizack. Ho ho ho! (Photo courtesy of New York Post)

Gabriella volunteered after seeing an appeal for the toy charity online, persuading her father to overcome his reservations about wearing a St. Nick costume.

“What’s a Jew doing putting on a Santa Claus suit?” Joshua quipped.

“Think about all the Christians who died liberating the [concentration] camps and how we can set an example to people of all religions, dad,” Gabriella responded.

Joshua — a financial consultant — and his family raised $17,000 in just 24 hours. Money is still coming (or, in Post-talk) “pouring” in.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hannukah! 


(Click here to read the whole story. Hat tip: Lisa Marriott.)


11 responses to “I Couldn’t Improve On This New York Post Headline. So Here’s The Story.

  1. What a great story, particularly given all the polarization and secularism going on today.

  2. Good people doing good things.

  3. Inspiring and uplifting. Bravo Rizacks!!

  4. Bravo! The true meaning charity and good will.

  5. Katie Augustyn

    Awesome story and Rizack family – way to go!

  6. Dan, there’s another Westport connection to this story that you might be interested in. The headline, “Jewish Family Pulls Off a ‘Toys for Tots’ Christmas Miracle” was written by none other than talented Westporter, and former Inklings editor, Leah Bitsky. She is currently employed as a reporter/producer for The New York Post!

  7. Melissa Roberts

    Who says there’s a war on Christmas (or Merry Christmas)?
    What a wonderful story. Thank you to the Rizacks for their generosity and goodness!

  8. A wonderful Mitzvah!
    Blessings and thanks to the Rizack Family!

  9. And a rare instance where the comments are as wonderful and moving as is the article.

  10. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Great story!

  11. Susan Farley

    keep thinking about how fortifying & reassuring this story is.

    I’ve been really, really disappointed throughout the last year with what I’ll just describe as people unwilling to be happy that others are happy, Because I know I can be happy as long as ‘someone in the room got what they want’. I attribute my thinking-feeling ‘as long as someone in the room is happy that’s good enough for me, even when I don’t get what I want’ to several people in my life but esp probably to a relative who was instrumental in saving a boat load of jews who had hoped to come to NYC, escape Nazi occupied territories in Europe, etc. Our govt was ready to turn them back but he said if that happened he would quit his position and take a lot of votes & ‘etc’ with him. Fortunately his threat worked, & that boat AND EVERYONE on it was let in and warmly welcomed. He then went on to provide, with his brothers and bros in law, jobs, schooling, places to live, cash and places to get businesses started, took care of wives and children of anyone who was placed in jail for any reason, etc. They even formed a not for profit that is international in scope today based on what they originally did for that WWII-boat of refugees/victims of forced migration AND what those recipients of assistance then turned around and did for the NYC community.

    I’ve been wondering during this last year if that kind of selfless giving would be reciprocated today … Since November 2016 I’ve heard a lot of ‘I take care of myself and my own’, i.e., a lot of self centeredness, So disheartening; BUT THEN HERE is your story of this family of Jewish faith who literally is saving Christmas for so many New Yorkers for no reason other than that they want their neighbors to enjoy their holiday. So Great, Nice to know that kind of classic sincere heart centered goodness and neighborliness still exists, It’s definitely appreciated!