Pic Of The Day #240

DaPietro’s: A warm welcome on a cold night. (Photo/Katherine Bruan)

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #240

  1. Ah, Westport! So lovely!

  2. How very beautiful & festive & the food is amazing!

  3. Rebecca Ellsley

    Looks very nice thanks for the holiday spirit! Hope to be in soon.

  4. Just moments after this photo was taken we had our “corporate” holiday dinner there – an incredible dinner with the most gracious staff! A true Westport gem!!!

  5. Eileen and Kimball Siegfried

    So beautiful and festive! DaPietro’s is a most special restaurant in Westport. Go enjoy an exceptional dinner, gracious service and intimate atmosphere. We moved West last year, and look forward to dinner at “our table” every visit back home.