Friday Flashback #69

Stevan Dohanos is best known for his 123 Saturday Evening Post covers.

But the Westport illustrator was also a noted US stamp artist. He designed several dozen — the number varies, according to who’s counting — honoring a wide range of subjects, including American presidents, NATO and the statehoods of Alaska and Hawaii.

Dohanos also created Christmas stamps. In 1989, Westport served as that year’s official “first day of issue” post office.

Dohanos’ other holiday stamps ranged from the classical, like this 1969 scene …

… to the playful, like this in 1970…

… to the religious, in 1975:

Of course, Dohanos drew holiday scenes for the Saturday Evening Post too. This cover — from December 13, 1947 — is called “Rural Post Office at Christmas.” (The sign says “Georgetown.”)

As chair of the Stamp Advisory Committee, Dohanos oversaw the art design of more than 300 stamps. He was appointed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and served under 7 presidents.

Stevan Dohanos died on July 4, 1994, at his Westport home. He was 87 years old.

(Hat tip: Paul Ehrismann)

4 responses to “Friday Flashback #69

  1. I always loved Dohanos’s work especially the Saturday Evening Post covers of Westport….makes one very nostalgic for days gone by!!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Thanks for sharing this, Dan!

  3. Steve Dohanos was a very good friend of my parents and as a result, both my mom and my twin brother Craig and I we are a number of Saturday Evening Post covers.

  4. Illustrators don’t get nearly the respect they’re due. Loved these. Beautiful.