Sam Singh’s 20 Years Of Service

Sure, our “Unsung Hero” feature runs on Wednesdays.

But Sam Singh’s last day of work was Friday. Tomorrow, he heads back to India.

After 19 years working at the Riverside Avenue Mobil — 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, holidays included — Sam deserves this shout-out while he’s still here.

Everyone — customers, cops on the corners, strangers who wander in off I-95 — loves Sam. “He’s extremely friendly and warm, with a great personality,” says owner Kevin Ancker.

And boy, does he work hard.

Sam Singh at the Riverside Avenue Mobil.

Sam just turned 40. He’s spent almost as much time in the US as he did in his native country.

Now he’s going home. He’s getting married there. And he’ll help his parents, who are getting older.

“They helped him out. Now it’s his turn to give back to them,” says Jim Donaher. The Gault executive is one of Sam’s biggest fans.

He also was part of a group that took Sam out to thank him — and celebrate — Thursday night. They hit the Duck, Viva’s and VFW.

Of course, Sam made it in to work at 6 the next morning.

And — working, chatting, and smiling — he stayed right to the end.

Thanks, Sam, for all you’ve done for Mobil, Saugatuck and Westport. Safe travels — come back soon!

Sam Singh (center) being toasted by grateful customers/friends, Thursday night at the Duck.

7 responses to “Sam Singh’s 20 Years Of Service

  1. Congrats to Sam. He has always been very friendly–and the epitome of what quality customer service is all about.

  2. Roberta Tager

    Kudos …. meaning “congratulations and great good luck to you!”. A pleasure to read about your and your special energy.. thank you!

  3. Holly Wheeler

    Thanks, Sam. Good luck on your next journey !!!
    (And thanks, Dan, for this post.)

  4. Good Luck Sammy!! I’m going to miss you for sure. Thank you and best wishes on the next chapter….

  5. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    I’ve been gone from Westport 39 years and I wish I could’ve known Sam. I wish him the very best.

  6. Super nice guy, a real asset to the local Saugatuck scene. Sorry to see Sam go, but best of luck to Sam in the next stage