Remembering David Cassidy

When David Cassidy died last week, millions of fans mourned the loss of a popular culture icon.

Dave Robicheau mourned the loss of a fellow bandmate, and friend.

A Boston native, Robicheau moved to Westport 7 years ago with his wife Deb. She was Davy Jones’ manager.

Robicheau was connected to the ex-Monkee too: For 15 years, he played guitar on Jones’ tours. He also performed with former Monkee Mickey Dolenz, Bobby Sherman, and Herman’s Hermits’ Peter Noone.

When Jones died in 2012, Cassidy did a tribute show in Miami. Robicheau played with him. For the next 5 years, they worked together.

Dave Robicheau (left) and David Cassidy.

“He was a great musician and friend,” Robicheau recalls. “He seemed happiest before a show. When he went onstage, he was the David Cassidy everyone knew.”

Audiences — primarily women — loved how the ’70s singer’s music made them feel. “TV is a powerful medium. People remember his face in their living room,” notes Robicheau, referring to Cassidy’s role as Keith on “The Partridge Family.”

David Cassidy, in the “Partridge Family” years.

His singing career was bubblegum. His biggest hit was “I Think I Love You.” But, Robicheau says, he toured a lot longer than many “hipper” musicians.

His guitarist — who had not been a big Cassidy fan growing up — learned to appreciate the singer’s broad, long-lasting appeal. He discovered too that Cassidy was even more popular in the UK than the US. His cover of the Rascals’ “How Can I Be Sure” never charted here, but rocketed to #1 there.

Robicheau last saw Cassidy a month ago, in Chicago. Now, of the 3 Davids — he, Cassidy and Jones — he’s the only one left.


40 responses to “Remembering David Cassidy

  1. This proves just how much David was loved. No one can or has said a bad word about him.He was an inspiration to us all,I have followed David and his music since I was about 15 years old I am now 61, never lost interest in David or his music, I will miss him deeply. Happy trails in heaven David xxx

  2. I loved David Cassidy. I had pics of him all over my wall. He will sadly be missed. David your fans will always love you.

  3. David I will always Cherish you. You were my first boy crush but my crush has lasted until this day. I will always love you! You were a gift to us all. I will always see your beautiful smile until the end.

  4. Jane Sarson-Royal

    David so many happy memories. I still have my collection of records cd’s posters magazines and autograph which I will treasure always and forever and yes I am 63 and still feel like a teenager when I listen to your music. Thank you.

  5. Claudia Kromer

    I loved David the Hippie, Horselover and Artist.I deeply miss him.He was one of a kind.Hope you find rest in everlasting love.xx

  6. Time is cruel. To fast to pass.

  7. David we go on in our life’s and never be forgotten. I watched the TV show when I was just 10 years old. Even before he passed away he still had the great laugh of his. Rest in peace David Cassidy. We will continue to listen to your music and shows that you where in

  8. If eveybody loved him so much I wonder why many times when he is mentioned – its his mug shot from his DUI which they show first. Sad. Sad that as a people we always – even the media who said he was loved showed this picture which Im sure was an embarrisment to him. As a celebrity he was nog given the priviledge of forgetting that hd did that. Very sad indeed that often we focus on the bad or the falling from grace side. David Cassidy brought a lot of joy and happiness to many. His inability to grow past an alcoholic father and ultimately becoming embittered with an alcohol problem himself is heartbreaking. Feeling sad for him, I have to look at it as ~ the struggle is over, God is real. Good bye dear soul.

    • Well said Melinda. With all the amazing pictures that is the picture that shows up first.

      • Catherine Kerrwilk

        Such a shame. He was handsome and youthful looking well into his fifties but the younger crowd will remember the mug shots which document the ravages inflicted by the alcoholism. The last images of David are certainly not the way I remember this talented, gloriously fine looking man. He was gifted with the real X-factor. So sad that nobody around him could get him the help he so desperately needed and deserved.

        • Because nobody can do it for you Catherine Kerrwilk. He was unable to grow past those things himself. We must find the need in self and sadly, he was unable.

      • It sad that as a people we seem to thrive on digging for dirt on others. :/

  9. Marla R. Hatwig

    I have always been a David Cassidy fan always will be forever and ever I will always watch The Partridge Family and listen to his music people think that celebrities don’t have problems but they do we all do now he is out of his pain and misery cuz I know he was for so many years he never let his fans see it he will always live on in my heart rest in peace take care and God bless happy holidays to everyone

  10. There will never be another,David Cassidy,never!!I will remember him w warm affection.God bless!

  11. Connie Dufault

    Of course I’m like a lot of the women that grew up watching David Cassidy as Keith Partridge. And listening to his music for a while. It was very sad news. Almost like you lost a family member. I pray that God will give his family peace and comfort in this time. And also to all of his friends and fans.

  12. Margaret L. Dougberty

    david cassidy was a very good looking man I love his music he is going to be very much missed and now he with his dad I still have my pin posted of david love hair you are missed

  13. Anthony Feliciano


  14. I have loved David Cassidy since 1970, when I first saw him on The Partridge Family. His boyish good looks, oh that hair, nobody had hair like him. It was perfect hair, those beautiful eyes and his gorgeous smile. How could anybody not have fallen in love with him oh and his voice. What a voice, silky and smooth and sexy all in one. When I heard the news that he passed away, a piece of my heart went with him. David I will never forget you, you were one of my first crushes/teen Idols!

  15. WE will miss you David. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. R.I.P.

  16. Davids light will burn forever may he rest in peace he brought so much to so many his music and his face will never be forgotten. Massive fan of this guy RIP David you were an inspiration.

  17. Deborah Humphreys

    Sorry for the family’s lost he was a great actor I loved to watch him as a kid going to be truly missed

  18. God Bless David Cassidy. David was a sweet soul. David was an intelligent speaker, he was super intelligent. If any one being should be cloned, it should be David Cassidy. That David Cassidy smile has cured so many ills. His voice was unique easy listening and better than Elvis, in my opinion. We that have loved David Cassidy love him to the end and beyond, all of his ages, young and old. It is poor human nature that tries to bring down that which is beautiful. David Cassidy was beautiful. Rest In Peace David Cassidy.

  19. R.I.P David Cassidy

  20. Julie Monaghan

    What a wonderful singer/entertainer/actor he was!
    Condolences to his family.

  21. Paula Baez-Anthony

    Rip David Cassidy aka Keith will be missed. And All ways remembered and loved.paula Marie baez-Anthony 11/28/17

  22. I don’t know about the charting, but I know that “How Can I Be Sure” most certainly was played on the radio in the United States in the Chicago area at the time, just as “Cherish” was. Probably on WLS and/or WCFL.

  23. Angelina Leija

    Very sad ..really bothers me like part of me passed ..David Cassidy a big part of my generation.s childhood ..we are slowly fading away ..he was our first love ❤ , he will be greatly missed 😥..May he RIP ..Beloved David Cassidy ..

  24. Jessica Herring

    I miss you David Cassidy

  25. Michele Murray

    Rest in peace David Cassidy you were amazing ,the world is a sadder place without you
    Such a big part of my childhood
    Your music lives on alwayx

  26. I feel the same way. A part of me passed. Angelina, I totally agree.I was 9 years old when Davis was my heart throb. I feel so sad and just start crying when I think of him.

  27. I am still in denial. Can’t take it in. David was such a very big part of a lot of lives, including mine. I have loved him since 1969. Very fortunate to have seen David in concert many times and met him twice too – what a thrill for a fan. Miss you more than words can say. The world has a big hole in it now without him.

  28. from the age of 14 years old, i loved david cassidy, saw him at wembley in 1973, watched every partridge family episode and have loved his music from then, could not believe he has died, he will always be with me in his music and song, i shall never forget him, he is now in god`s kingdom where there is no more pain, rest in peace david, locked in my heart forever.

  29. Rhona Krachenfels

    The 1st time I remember hearing of David was The Partridge Family, I was 10 in 1970, (hence age) & enjoyed the show laughed, & grew up with the change of time & grew to enjoy his music even more, & then his brothers & Shirley, I became even more of a Cassidy admire of the whole clan, He will be soo great;y missed even more than he will ever know, that’s who much he has impacted his fans lifes, May you R.I.P. David, God be with you, Now you are singing & entertaining the other angles & the lord. In hesus name. AMEN‼

  30. Virginia Lopez

    My condolences to you Dave and all the band members (Frank Fabio, Teri Cote, and Craig). I miss David Cassidy dearly. Thanks for sharing this with us. Love and Peace to you all.♥️🕊

  31. Virginia Lopez

    My condolences to family and friends. Loved David Cassidy much. May he Rest In Peace. ♥️🎸🕊🙏🏻😇⭐️

  32. Millions of fans adored him. Not just for his boyish good looks or his sweet, sentimental musical style, but because he was a genuine person. A sweet individual who lit up a room with his presence. We’ll always remember David.

  33. My heart is broken, I am so sad over the loss of David, I’ve loved him since the early 70’s , I had his posters all over my bed room walls, I have his records and The Partridge family’s as well, My sincere condolences to his family, band members, hid friends and all of his beloved fans, Rest in peace David you are and always will be sadly missed.

  34. My heart too was broken when I read of David’s passing. He was a very talented singer/songwriter. Loving father to Beau and loving husband to Sue. I have to admit I am still in ‘denial’ that he is gone.. The interview David did with Dr Phil earlier this year, in March, had me in tears when he told Dr Phil that he had asked Beau to find a way to ‘let him go’ if he got to the point where his mom got with her dementia. Beau, of course, said no. That is when I broke out the Kleenex box. Sending hugs long distance, from Canada, to Beau, Sue (David’s wife) and his entire family.