Pic Of The Day #220

Dog day at Compo Beach (Photo/Amy Schneider)

4 responses to “Pic Of The Day #220

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    I just love this!

    Was this pic taken on this Thanksgiving Day?


  2. love the picture. Re dogs on the beach the bag dispensers (you didn’t ask?) were a discovery made some years ago. (The bags were originally used in Emergency Rooms for the hands of staff members dealing with trauma cases who needed professional hands on the patient immediately–not the time gloves would take.) and when the then-Director of Parks/Rec was introduced to the dog bags, he said, “OK, go raise the funds for the dispensers” We did. Anne Marie would remember this as she was a successful “sales” woman. The dispensers apparently wore out as there is a new model at Compo beach.

  3. Darren Robert Yovan

    Every time I see these pictures of Compo beach it tugs at my heart. I pretty much grew up there in the early 70s. I would go to that beach every day during the summer with my dad and actually go out into the water and take the water temperature for my father every day, then put it up in chalk on the board on the boardwalk. Wonderful memories. We were on that beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day every year. In the morning, I would go to chubby lanes and trade coins with the cashier every day. Then buy a blue raspberry Popsicle to sit on the beach… Wow. How time passes! I wouldn’t trade a day of it.