If Only The Rest Of The Holidays Were This Easy

Christmas is coming! The holidays are almost here! Which means one thing: Westporters will soon be stressed to the max.

There’s plenty to worry about. Will my house look as wonderful as Martha Stewart’s and Hallmark’s? Am I a bad person because hearing “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” 10 times a day for the next 6 weeks drives me batshit? When I find the perfect tree, how the hell am I supposed to get it home?

The answers to the first 2 questions are: no and no.

The answer to the final one is: Tree Transporter.

The TT is a soft-sided, frameless carrier. It attaches easily to a car roof, and the tree fits just as easily into it. It catches sap drippings and random needles.

And it’s the brainchild of a Staples High School grad.

Bobby Donofrio got his diploma on a hot day in 1999. Now — as the weather turns cold — he hopes to make hay off of pine trees.

His big product is actually pretty small. You can shove it in your pocket or purse, like a reusable bag.

When you’re ready to haul your tree home, just unroll it, put it in place, buckle it and tighten it. It takes just 60 seconds — far less than the amount of time you spend putting that !@#$%^ angel on the top, once it’s home.

Merry Christmas! For more information, or to order a Tree Transporter, click here.

Now get back to stressing out…


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  1. Katherine Bruan

    I’m impressed!