RIP, Palm Tree

Maybe it went south for the winter?

(Photo/Giulia Maiolo)

18 responses to “RIP, Palm Tree

  1. Dorothy Abrams

    Let’s hope it’s safe and( not in the ) sound

  2. Dave Feliciano

    It’s sojourn at Compo Beach this season was the highlight of many of our visiting friends and families . The Palm of Compo was certainly the most photographed Palm Tree in all of Connecticut. Perhaps like a certain “disappearing island” it will be seen again. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Like David above, I too was hoping that it might reappear next year. One can only hope.

  4. Maybe it came down to Southwest Florida with all the rest of Westporters.

  5. I read or heard that someone said it had died. I saw the tree last Saturday and the leaves or foliage looked pretty far gone but that happens to all trees at this time – no reason to think the tree is dead. Get a new palm next year.

  6. Of course it’s dead. Stupid stunt.

  7. I’m sorry, Nancy. That was unkind. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I just wish you were more positive.

    • No worries, Mary. Time to plant Spring bulbs, not palm trees, that’s all.

    • Good luck with that Mary. She never has a nice thing to say.

    • Donald McAllister

      Do you ever have anything positive to add? Why do you continue to plague this site with negative comments?

      • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

        Show a little empathy. Nancy lives in Canada which is a complete defense. Besides, everyone cries a river when a tree is taken down on the Longshore entrance road but this tree was taken out of its natural habitat and allowed to die alone in botanical agony while Westport stood idle. Nancy told the truth. You want the truth? You can’t HANDLE the truth. Harvey Weinstein was abusing women while this column and most of its followers (except Nancy and me) were singing his praises as a Westport treasure and source of campaign funds to liberal feminist causes like Bill and Hillary. That’s the truth and it cannot be disputed.

  8. Some speculation that I have heard, “The town tree guy removed it because it was an invasive specie, it lacked a beach pass so the cops took it out, a builder knocked it down and it will be replaced by a much larger tree or a bank is going to put an ATM there.”

  9. This just in, “it was a movie prop and Harvey took it with him.”

  10. WTF some jerk screwed up the tree or the hand that governs us humans from enjoying life’s little treats what happened ???????

  11. A Palm tree will not survive in our climate beyond the Summer, so it was likely removed to be taken to winter storage…or just dug out completely. Believe it or not, I know of people who have palms trees by their pool and they replace them every year, because they don’t survive…Just an added landscaping expense…think of it as a really expensive Pansy, or Marigold.