Opening The Door For Veterans, On Their Special Day

Today is Veterans Day. There’s no better time to hear Dylan Mace’s story.

The Staples High School junior is a varsity hockey player. He’s also an active member of Operation Care Package, a school club that assembles and sends books, magazines, food and more to American troops serving in places like Afghanistan.

Dylan got involved as a freshman. His grandfather served in Special Forces during the Korean War. Before he died, he passed along his pride in the military to Dylan.

Dylan Mace

This year, as he tried to find another way to help out, Dylan learned about Westport’s VFW Post 399. Speaking with commander Bernie Rombout, he learned the Riverside Avenue building lacked a handicap-accessible bathroom.

“That appalled me,” Dylan says. “These are brave men and women who serve. They could lose limbs. They should be able to use the bathroom at the VFW!”

Dylan learned the cost of design and renovation for such a bathroom: $10,000.

Immediately, he created a GoFundMe page to help.

Dylan will also be at the downtown Starbucks this weekend, soliciting donations.

In many ways, today is a normal Saturday in Westport. But it’s also an important national holiday.

Dylan Mace has provided a meaningful way for us to honor it. Just click here to help.

(Hat tip: Vicky Capozzi)

3 responses to “Opening The Door For Veterans, On Their Special Day

  1. What a touching and inspirational story. Thanks for sharing. Thank you to all veteran’s for your service and dedication to our country 🇺🇸

  2. Congratulations Dylan, it is great to see young people making an effort to help our veterans and community. This shows a real sense of pride and respect towards your family, neighbors, and our country. Great job!!! Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great Work Dylan! Awesome effort for our Vets. We’d love to send you a 06880 hoodie to keep you warm while raising funds – Send us your size and address