Photo Challenge #149

The #1 was a hint. But where was #1?

Turns out to be 1 Canal Street. Oddly, that’s in the middle of the road, at the light by the bridge leading to the Willows Medical Center (aka “Fort Apache”).

To the west, it’s Kings Highway North (it’s actually Kings Highway North the rest of the way to the Main Street light).

To the east and north — heading to Coffee An’ and Crossroads Hardware — it’s Canal Street.

#1 once belonged to Bridgeport Hydraulic (now Aquarion). Now it’s the Board of Education’s facilities office. Congratulations to Elaine Marino, David Sampson, Dan Herman and Seth Goltzer, all of whom somehow knew where the paint-chipped sign in last week’s photo challenge is located. (Click here for Amy Schneider’s photo, and all the guesses.)

This week’s challenge comes courtesy of Wendy Cusick. If you think you know where she took the photo, click “Comments” below.

11 responses to “Photo Challenge #149

  1. Baron’s South?

  2. Golden Shadows!

  3. Seth Schachter

    Agree with Nancy – I think I recall seeing this
    At the ‘Golden Shadows’ grounds at Barons South.

  4. Jonathan McClure

    Barons South

  5. Caryl and Edna Haskins Preserve

  6. Haskins Preserve overlooking the “pond”

  7. Leigh and Alec, you are correct. This photo is of Haskins Preserve – a little (and very unknown) gem on Green Acre Lane, off South Compo. Here’s the back story, from an “06880” post in 2011:

  8. Yes it is Haskins. As a former trail steward I have removed my fair share of blue bags with dog poop that someone liked to place there on more than one occasion.

    • Isn’t that so sad Jamie? How is it that people aren’t sharp enough to realize that leaving the little bags behind is environmentally dangerous? TAKE IT HOME AND DIPOSE IN YOUR TRASH!!!

      • Amazing Pat…simply baffling given they had to bag it in the first place and then stuff it down the well!

  9. Haskins Preserve. : )