Pic Of The Day #200

Fishing off Ford Road (Photo/Richard Wiese)

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  1. Kathleen Fleming

    My friends and I ( staples 74 grads) are trying to remember all the stores downtown Names in the 70’s. We are stuck, can u help? The store that was down stairs that sold used clothing , next to the pizza parlor. Please let us know if you remember the name

    Thanks! Kathy

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  2. when did Clinton Ave. turn into Ford Rd. down there ?
    used to be Clinton Ave. all the way to Weston Rd. (rte. 57)

  3. The road after the hard right turn has always been Ford Rd, even back when Clinton Ave went straight across the Saugatuck and connected with Calvary Rd

  4. Perhaps more accurate to say the name change from Clinton to Ford is from whenClinton continued straight across the Saugatuck and Ford Road came off of Clinton as a right hand turn off of Clinton

    • I would think it would have been Ford Rd. then Clinton. The British soldiers “forded” the road first. Joseph Clinton died in WWI. The VFW post in town is named for him.

      • Clinton has been Clinton since at least 1910 (Everet Fillow 1910 census listed as living on Clinton) but not sure about 1900, when it looks like it may have been known as Compo. Still that would too early for the road to named after a WWI casualty. And yes, that’s where the British “forded” the river, on their way UP to Danbury. They crossed the Saugatuck near where the Kings Highway Bridge is now located on the way back from Danbury, to their ships off of Compo.

  5. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    This is great information. Since we lived just off Clinton Road from 1948 to 1965 I always knew where Ford road started and as far as I knew It was always called Ford Rd. We knew all about the British soldiers crossing the river, in retreat I think. Now I know why Clinton Road was named Clinton……

  6. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    A Nice memory:Growing up on Lyons Plains Rd.,Weston: riding our bikes to Ford Rd. ..then wading in this exact same pond…
    Another Nice memory :Driving down just past Coleytown Rd. & Lyons Plains
    curve, en route to Ford Rd, traffic Both ways stopped, as a mother duck & her tiny ducklings all in line, there, slowly crossing Lyons Plains Rd..(and we always remembered back then- how this So similar to (children’s author) Robert McCloskey’s (beautiful)
    ‘Make Way for Ducklings’ 🙂

  7. Patrick Eastin

    So, how is the fishing these days off of Ford Road ?