Unsung Heroes #21

This week’s Unsung Heroes are obvious:

Sunday night’s storm was bad. At one point, nearly half of Westport was without electricity.

Did Eversource get your power back instantly? Were you the first house they hustled to?

Probably not. Even in Westport, not everyone can be #1.

But they had a lot to do. Most of the state was hit hard. The men and women who assessed damage, climbed buckets, even answered phones, were overwhelmed. They worked long hours, and did their best. We owe them our thanks.

Thanks too to all of Westport’s police, firefighters and other responders. Plus of course those invaluable public works crews, tree guys, and random folks who helped out, wherever and however they could.

Slowly, we’re getting back to normal.

Until the next storm hits.

3 responses to “Unsung Heroes #21

  1. Nicely said Dan – we’ll done.  From a totally unbiased person!

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  2. Michael Calise

    I second that!

  3. Wilhelmina de Haas

    Absolutely well done and thank you!!!!!! And as soon as my power was restored (I was at work so couldn’t assess when it would’ve happened) I received a very nice text message from Eversource letting me know my power was restored! Bravo!