One Reason Schools Are Now Closed

This was Hillspoint Road, near Hales Road, a few minutes ago:

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

Similar scenes are repeated throughout Westport, after last night’s rain-and-wind storm.

We were one of the hardest hit towns in the area. Eversource reports over 3,200 customers without power — 26% of its customers.

If my situation is any indication, it might be a while before it’s restored. I reported my outage — near Playhouse Square — via their website, and got this reply:

Our outage reporting system is currently unavailable. Please contact us at 800-826-2000 and a representative would be happy to assist you with reporting your outage. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I called. The wait time is 28 minutes.

Which pales, I know, in comparison to Puerto Rico. Six weeks after Hurricane Maria, up to 80% of the island is still without power.

2 responses to “One Reason Schools Are Now Closed

  1. Check the Eversource Outage Map… Colchester and Ledyard were probably the hardest hit by this storm. They still have well over 5000 people with NO power.

  2. It took Eversource 12 hours to restore power. Cablevison / Optimum still has no idea when they can or will restore their “service”. This is what we get with monopolies and no oversight.

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