Unfortunately, Hate DOES Have A Home Here

A “Hate Has No Home Here” yard sign was vandalized last night, on usually quiet Pequot Trail.

The anti-hate hate message was clear. There was damage on both sides of the sign.

There were reports of similar vandalism to a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign on Old Hill Road.

The Pequot Trail homeowner is not deterred. When Baker Graphics opens tomorrow, she’ll order 6 more signs.

27 responses to “Unfortunately, Hate DOES Have A Home Here

  1. It still is perplexing to some why these signs exist. Isn’t the “message” evident in daily life?
    Perhaps just some pre-Halloween mischief, like fireworks.

  2. Dorothy Abrams

    If it is “just” pre-mischief, those who did it have a poor idea of what mischief is.

  3. Unacceptable, in this Town or anywhere in the US. And I don’t think innocent pranksters carry spray paint.

    • Yet so neat and tidy, not the serious damage that could be done.
      Maybe a sign “Common Sense Has No Home Here” would be better.

  4. I don’t believe this is a message of hate. I think it’s a bunch of kids having “fun” that we encourage by pointing it out.

  5. David J. Loffredo

    Bored high school kids, just like the mailboxes from several months ago.

  6. We don’t know who did this but we do know that, of all the signs they could have chosen (and God knows in this election season there is no shortage of signs to vandalize), they chose these signs. That makes me suspect this wasn’t so innocent. We have seen plenty of other acts of vandalism around town in the last year, many of which were unmistakable in their message of hate.

    Nancy Hunter if you don’t know why there is an urgent need for signs like this to exist, you haven’t been paying attention to the tragic direction of this country in the last year. This is not a partisan issue. We must ALL take a vocal stand against hate at every possible turn, because history shows that silence is the oxygen that allows hatred to grow from a small spark into a blazing inferno.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Rob-since this is not a partisan issue , and you agree not to make it a campaign issue, then it would be great to see the 4 candidates together speaking out about HATE. And it would be great to hear all 4 candidates say this issue has no place in a westport politics.

      Make it happen!!

    • “direction of this country in the last year”? No, I am referring to decades before. Please get your government get to work. Stop acting like children.

  7. Hilary Nordholm

    Our “Hate has no home here” signs have been taken THREE times!!

  8. Elaine Marino

    A neighborhood in Methuen, MA was vandalized last night. The Methuen Chief of Police believes that neighborhood kids were responsible:

    “Methuen Police are currently investigating the incident and believe this is not a hate crime, but rather kids in the neighborhood attempting to instill fear in the community with a hate crime hoax. According to Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon, officers have been canvassing the area for evidence and using neighbor’s home surveillance video in an attempt to identify the suspects.”


  9. One dumb spray paint job, or a few signs taken away, does not hold a candle to the widespread kindness and effort of so many neighbors who chose to place this message at their homes. Together is how we bring our nation forward. Carry on, friends, be unbowed – our many voices and hearts are willing to work together.

  10. Our police is taking the vandalism at these two homes seriously and assuring residents of its vigilance in ipatrolling and investigating. Early yesterday, the police visited both homes and canvassed each neighborhood door to door. Additionally we have been in touch with the ADL throughout for guidance. If anyone has information about these cowardly and hateful acts, please contact the Westport police.

  11. I agree with Nancy, why do these signs exist??? Hate or Love exists within a person not posted on a sign.

  12. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Maybe the perps believed that “signs have no home here” and protested with Krylon pilfed from Dad’s workshop in the dark of night. Spray painting signs on “Mischief Night” in Westport is a hate crime to signs as well as a local tradition as old as the Town Meeting.. It might make sense every week to pool available funds and hire a plane to fly a banner “Hate has no home here.” Then it would be hard to spray paint and it would certainly gain attention to a worthy cause…The only problem is that Baker Signs would take a hit.

  13. Our sign is going up shortly after Halloween. I think Bart Shuldman stated the issue perfectly in his comment above (and pasted below for easier reference). I believe ALL local candidates for political office have a responsibility to speak out against the tolerance and even encouragement of hate espoused by the administration in Washington. Silence is tantamount to complicity!

    “Bart Shuldman | October 29, 2017 at 6:19 pm | Reply
    Rob-since this is not a partisan issue , and you agree not to make it a campaign issue, then it would be great to see the 4 candidates together speaking out about HATE. And it would be great to hear all 4 candidates say this issue has no place in Westport politics.
    Make it happen!”

    • Bart Shuldman

      Jim, Avi and Helen (republicans and a democrat) just posted their message about the issue. “Hate has no home ” in Westport is not a political opportunity. Glad to see all 3 Selectman in Westport post.

      • Elaine Marino

        Bart: What do you mean by “Hate has no home here” in Westport is “not a political opportunity.” Perhaps I don’t understand the meaning of the term “political opportunity.” Can you clarify?



        • I also wondered what exactly is the meaning of the term “political opportunity”? This is the time for all Americans, and all residents of Westport (Independent, Republican and Democrat), to make a clear and unambiguous statement whether they support or oppose bigotry, hatred, discrimination and violence against those Americans who hold different beliefs than their own… And to denounce, or stand in silence with respect to, those in the White House and the related Party who are complicit through their silence… Thank you for considering my comments.

        • Bart Shuldman

          Elaine. Thank you for your question and let me explain.

          While we watch the nonsense in Washington, I truly believe that all the candidate running for a leadership position in Westport stand against Hate. I know Jim and Jen and they feel strongly that Hate has no place in Westport or anyplace else. I also believe Melissa and Rob feel the same. They all are strong advocates against Hate.

          What concerns me is trying to attach the Washington or Trump issues to a candidate in Westport. Trying to make this a political issue against a candidate in Westport is wrong and has no ‘home in Westport’.

          You probably not have seen the emails.

          • Bart: Are you saying that emails are being sent to town residents, asking them to not support Westport candidates who are affiliated with the Republican party – simply because these candidates are affiliated with the Republican party? I admit that I have not seen any emails such as this.

            What concerns me is the growing “alarmist” (or, “we have much to fear in Westport”) sentiments being bantered about. I included an article about recent vandalism in a Massachusetts town (swastikas painted on fences and cars) on this blog post, which describes how the town’s police chief believes that pranksters (kids) were responsible i.e., no hate crimes took place. I posted that article to remind us that not every spray-painted over sign is a hate message, so please don’t turn it into one until you have proof of the vandal’s intent.

            • Bart Shuldman

              Elaine. You have not seen the emails and the leaflets. I think you know the answer. I have been told and in one case, personally seen.

              In any case we must all stay united to combat hate from any and all directions.

              From My Phone, Bart C Shuldman


            • Bart Shuldman

              Elaine. Melissa’s campaign has it a new low-they are running an ad in the NEW YORK POST below an article about the terrorist act that occurred yesterday.

              Title of the ad…Westport can do better.

              Anytime you want to see it and maybe Dan would post it, let me know.

              The message is disgusting!! This is a new low.

              • I’m pretty sure ad buyers can’t control what stories their ads appear near.

                • Bart Shuldman

                  Dan-maybe or maybe not. There are many ads and they are all below the terrorist article.

                  This is horrible and a new low for their campaign.

  14. Bart, I respectfully disagree with your latest comments. President Trump was elected as the Republican candidate for the highest office in America. Local candidates who run on the Republican ticket have the moral responsibility to clearly state whether they support or oppose the policies of the RNC and the current administration. Silence on that issue is tantamount to acquiescence.
    Although I am a lifelong Atheist, Humanist and Naturalist, my maternal lineage is Jewish. My mother was born in Berlin Germany in 1924 into a Jewish family, who emigrated to America in 1938 (1 year before the onset of WW II). Several of my great-grandparents who were unable to escape were murdered by the Nazis.
    I have embraced the slogan “Never Again”, acknowledging both my Jewish ancestors as well as my beliefs as an Atheist. Individuals in Germany in the 1930’s who claimed that what was happening in Berlin was somehow separate from local politics were proven absolutely wrong. The result was genocide.
    Never again, especially not in America! Every citizen is responsible for standing up for his/her beliefs and convictions, or the result is… well… history.
    Respectfully, T.Jendrock

    • I too am Jewish and remember standing in my fathers closet when I was quite young as he showed me a picture of 22 family members who were murdered by Hilter. He told me that HATE is a 4 letter word. I have and will never forget his talk.

      I know Jim and Jen and know they believe there is no home for Hate in Westport and CT and the USA. They are wonderful people and Jim is one of the kindest gentleman I have ever met.

      Jim and Jen stand against Hate and that is all I can ask. That is all everyone should ask of them. Making the Trump situation a political one in Westport in my opinion is sad.

      Jim has proven to be one of the most effective leaders in Westport’s history. Jen, his running mate, has amazing experience having been on both the Board of Finance and Education. You cannot say any of that about the democratic candidates. With all the challenges ahead, I will continue to believe people in a westport will vote for real leadership.

      I wish you peace. And I wish Westport success as hopefully Jim and Jen get elected by people knowing who they are.

      All my best.