Unsung Hero #21

Laura Blair’s official job at Staples High School is running the copy machine. It keeps her busy. Scores of teachers — plus administrators, coaches, paraprofessionals, nurses, you name it — have constant copying needs.

But Laura does much, much more.

She’s the schools unofficial #1 cheerleader. Soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse — she’s at nearly every game and meet.

Nearly always, she bakes brownies for the athletes. If it’s Senior Day, she decorates cupcakes with players’ numbers. If it’s cold, she delivers blankets to the boys and girls on the bench.

Laura Blair, with her brownies.

Whatever goes on at Staples, Laura is all in. On Blue and White Day, she dresses from head to toe. She celebrates every holiday. When a team holds a car wash, she drives over.

She has a smile for everyone, and an upbeat word for all.

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Laura and Staples school counselor Tom Brown dressed all in pink.

Yet Staples is just one of Laura’s jobs. For many years she’s taken care of a woman with severe disabilities. Laura drives her, cooks for her, pushes her wheelchair and carries her everywhere.

In what little spare time she has, Laura helps STAR. She’s particularly proud of being a top fundraiser every year, at their May Sherwood Island Walk/5K/Run and Roll.

Laura is proud to be known as the “Copy Lady” and “Brownie Lady.”

We hope she’s equally proud to be this week’s “Unsung Hero.”

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21 responses to “Unsung Hero #21

  1. Fantastic article and spot on! Thank you Laura for your wonderful spirit and all that you do for so many!!

  2. #1 Staples Fan! Thanks for being 100% positive, 100% of the time,

  3. You left out softball, no matter how bad the weather is, you will always see Laura there providing her support for the girls.

  4. Your warm smile and enthusiasm made every day brighter at Staples.

  5. Laura is the BEST! She supports all the teams at every game and every bake sale…thank you for recognizing her!

  6. This is awesome…I always remember her having the biggest heart! She also comes from a great family of unsung hero’s..I remember her well from my days at Staples…I’m glad she is still there, sharing her positive spirit and Wrecker Pride!!

  7. And don’t forget baseball!!! This is my 22nd year working with Laura and she never ceases to amaze me with her enthusiasm and dedication!

  8. Elaine Marino

    Laura: Thank you so much for supporting Staples Girls Soccer, too!
    Go, Wreckers!

  9. Susan L Rubin

    Laura is wonderful! She has been a longtime supporter of the PTA and we couldn’t do without her and her enthusiasm! Thank you Laura!

  10. Laura! My son Michael talks about her almost every day!! I know how much she does!! Westport is lucky to have her!

  11. Ana Messenger

    Thank you so much for all you do for the kids, Laura! You are a star and have such a generous heart!

  12. Hi Dan:

    Over the last week or so I have been seeing a small older Asian woman pushing a huge push cart overflowing and with several plastic bags tied to it. She looks clean and neat, like an anachronism from another time and place, but the cart looks like something pushed by a homeless person. I suspect there is an interesting story there and I am wondering if she needs help. I have seen her twice on Cross highway and once on Bayberry. Since you are the master of knowing everything about Westport I thought I’d ask if you know about her and if you might want to find the story. If she needs help I am sure that Westport could rally or at least get her connected with food and shelter services that she might need.

    Thanks, Elissa Moses

  13. Gabriella Perry

    Thank you for being such a great fan during my 4 years at staples. I always looked forward to you coming and supporting my team at my basketball and softball games. And your cupcakes were the best!!

  14. Joan Tricarico

    Laura was fun to work with at the Westport Library Book Sale, she’s a pro!

  15. What’s also amazing is how long she’s been involved…I’d say over 20 years? She has incredible spirit and energy. Not to forget her mom was the Coley El. nurse for decades. Way to go Laura!

  16. Alan Phillips

    To me she is unsung hero #1.

  17. Lori Winthrop Dockser

    Laura is the most incredible women I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. She is a true hero!

  18. Kathie Bennewitz

    Laura is one of the most generous, giving, sincere and gracious-and sometimes talkative 🙂 -individuals that I have ever met! Thank you Dan for honoring her as she honors and supports our students, players and kids!

  19. If we all had the work ethics, love and giving as does Laura, the world be a much better place. I know her for many years and I have never heard her complain about anything during her very full schedule. GO LAURA

  20. Laura is always there for our students whether it is to support athletics, or a person to talk to. She is the true #1 Staples fan!

  21. Patty McQuone

    Laura has a heart of GOLD and full of life! We should all have a little bit of Laura in our lives!