Step Up To Help Volunteers

It started small.

Staples High School junior Parker Cuthbertson and sophomore Eddie Kiev organized a club: Step Up Volunteering. The goal was to match students with local organizations that needed help.

Parker Cuthbertson and Eddie Kiev.

Be careful what you wish for.

Almost 120 Staples students stepped up to volunteer. Homes With Hope, the Westport Library, Malta House, the Senior Center, Earthplace and the Westport Weston Family Y Special Olympics programs all asked for help.

But there are more willing volunteers than those organizations can handle.

So Parker and Eddie have put out a call. If you know of a local group that could benefit from ready, willing and able high school volunteers: please ask.

The Westport Police Department has offered to serve as the community go-between. Please contact administrative assistant Janet Suchsland ( if you’d like Step Up Volunteering to consider helping your organization.

4 responses to “Step Up To Help Volunteers

  1. Julie Shapiro

    They should include The Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport , lighthouse, boys and girls club, all schools who need after school homework helpers, all in Bridgeport

  2. SLOBS (Service League of Boys) at Staples & The National Charity League (for Girls) both serve most all of these deserving organizations with student volunteers.

  3. Elizabeth Thibault

    Perhaps these students could start their own volunteer organization? It sounds like they’ve got the initiative and inclination, which is some of the toughest hurdles! This post shows we’ve got a lot to be proud of, in who our students are.

  4. Bobbi Ganin Essagof

    First world problems! Too many volunteers, what a great problem. This sounds like a job for Westport Front Porch. I’ll post although I’m sure you have many of the same subscribers.