Zoe Brown Has A Job. Or 7.

Zoe Brown loved Staples High School.

Before graduating in 2015 she served as editor-in-chief of the school paper Inklings, and president of the Teen Awareness Group. She was on Student Assembly, in Student Ambassadors, and played field hockey.

She learned a lot about herself. She made friends who, she says, “have made me a better person.”

The University of Southern California was her dream school. She loved the journalism program, the “Trojan Family” spirit, the beautiful campus, the weather, football games, party scene, and the fact that it was different than any place she’d ever lived.

When she got there though, Zoe realized there were 2 things she did not love: its size, and how far it was from her home and family.

She felt she could not get as involved as she’d been at Staples. She lost her confidence and her passion. And, she says, “I lost myself.”

Zoe Brown

For those reasons — and issues involving mental health — she needed to take a step “to the left.” (That’s the name of her blog post by the same name. Click here for her very honest insights.)

In early August, Zoe chose to take care of herself and her body, by spending the upcoming semester at home.

But she knew she had to stay active. Which is how she now has 7 jobs.

You read that right. Zoe is working at 7 jobs.

First, she was hired as a hostess at Pearl at Longshore.

She then joined Two Oh Three — the zip code-named lifestyle brand — as a communications intern.

Zoe picked up some babysitting and tutoring work too.

Then she became a seasonal worker for Challah Connection, the kosher gift company.

Zoe Brown, at Challah Connection.

She also started helping jewelry designers Allison Daniel and Devon Woodhill.

That’s not all. Zoe is starting a greeting card/poster business with her best friend from Staples, Olivia Crosby — a graphic design student at the University of Connecticut.

Once Zoe finishes her USC classes from last semester, she’ll start tutoring with Freudingman & Billings.

No wonder her business cards say simply: “Zoe Brown — A li’l bit of everything.”

Each job is different. Pearl and babysitting are the most tiring. Pearl and Two Oh Three are the most fun.

But every job involves people. Zoe loves everyone she works with — everywhere –and has learned a lot from all.

She thinks she’s learned the most overall from being a hostess: about people and communication, especially.

Zoe plans to return to USC, and graduate in December 2019. Then — why not? — she’ll head to massage therapy school.

She’d like to work on a yacht or cruise ship, traveling for free before going back to Los Angeles to become a personal assistant to a producer, or work for a production company.

At the same time, she hopes to complete her own screenplays. She’s started one already.

Which means Zoe Brown is actually working 8 jobs right now.

I guess she’s too busy to count them all right.


10 responses to “Zoe Brown Has A Job. Or 7.

  1. Great Job Zoe!! -love cooper and cassie

  2. Plus she is a very good person!

  3. What an inspiring young woman you are Zoe. I just read through your blog. Your writing is so beautiful and honest. I’m a (hate to admit it) middle age suburban mom so I don’t think I’m really your target audience but I signed up for your blog. You inspired me this morning. But slow down just a bit. 7 (8) jobs is too many, even for someone with your energy!

  4. Love it!!! Perfect 🙂 thanks so much, Dan!


  5. Zoe, I’m signing up for your blog, too. You are a wonderful writer and a courageous person to speak honestly about what is. Your are wise beyond your years. I am quite certain many people are relieved to find your blog. The strongest people are those like you who recognize when they need to make a correction in their course. I have no doubt you’ll get where you want to go. Onward!

  6. since i first met zoe when she was a junior at staples i knew she was a girl that mixed soul, smarts and ambition along with a beautiful smile and warm personality. your strength is contagious. love you zoe xo

  7. Sal Liccione

    Zoe great job you need anything let me no. Sal you no we’re to find me

  8. Shari Goldstein

    Way to go Zoe. I told Todd we met at the Pearl , he had the kindest words to say about you. He was right!!!

  9. Luisa Francoeur

    Congratulations to you, Zoe, for taking action to improve your health. It isn’t always easy to make those changes. There is a website created by and for individuals in your age group: turningpointct.org. I hope you will visit it if you have not already. And for anyone else reading this, it is a vital link in the wellness network here in CT.

  10. Elaine Daignault

    Zoe is also a natural and passionate leader among her peers. She is talented, sensitive, kind AND courageous to share her story. GO ZOEY!!!! No doubt that you’ve got this!