Puerto Rico Relief Effort: “Breathtaking”

Marcy Sansolo organized 2 previous relief efforts via her What Up Westport Facebook page. Both were very successful.

But Sunday’s outpouring of love and care — for Puerto Rico’s victims of Hurricane Maria — was, she says, “nothing short of breathtaking.”

The drive at the Westport Library parking lot was arranged in just 3 days. Drop-off times for goods and supplies lasted only 2 hours. But the response of Westporters was heartwarming.

A woman who works at Pottery Barn dropped off items she had purchased. An hour later she returned, with a large box of donations from the store.

Two young children made cards. Older kids helped parents empty their cars.

A note to the children of Puerto Rico.

“I don’t think there’s any bug spray or diapers left at CVS,” Sansolo says. “I’m sure we cleaned them out.”

“The sense of community was inspiring,” Sansolo says. “Members of What Up Westport came from as far as New York. Everyone asked, ‘How can I help?'”

When it was clear that more drivers would be needed to deliver donations to shipping centers, Sansolo ordered a U-Haul. Many people offered to split the cost. That’s in addition to 6 SUVs and minivans, all filled to the brim.

A small portion of the many donations.

The news from Las Vegas yesterday stunned Sansolo. She loves live music, and cannot conceive of what happened at that concert.

But, she says, “then I think about all of the beauty and love I saw on Sunday. My hope in mankind is renewed.”

Sansolo plans more community events on What Up Westport. She welcomes everyone who wants to join.

9 responses to “Puerto Rico Relief Effort: “Breathtaking”

  1. Do you have info about logistics of next drop off for Puerto Rico

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  2. Joan McNaughton

    Good for you! From Canada.

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  3. Lisa Marie Alter

    Marcy totally ROCKS – one of those rare people who “talks the talk – AND walks the walk”… and helps make Westport a unique place of caring, interesting people – still.

    Lisa Marie Alter

    • Marcy Sansolo

      awww, thank you lisa. and thank you for your generosity and undying support on all of these ‘experiments’. #YourHeartIsAlwaysIn #TheRightPlace

  4. Marcy, You are the best !!!! When is the next one? Thank you so much for helping us to help others.

    • Marcy Sansolo

      hi leslie- next event will likely be in early december. it’s not just me, it’s this amazing community.

  5. Marcy Sansolo

    dan- thanks for posting this. i can not take full credit and i must give a shout out to some amazing people in this town who brought my idea to life. beth & david atlas, jen gross, allison adler, deb shaughnessy, & joanne heller made the event possible and more fun than imaginable. if you see them, give them a high five!
    what up westport™ will continue with the social media experiments (for the greater good) every other month. if you don’t mind the occasional snarky observation follow the most hilarious people around (and me) on what up westport™ for updates. AND never underestimate the power of Woog. thanks for your support dan, i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again, you are #EveryonesFavoriteLocalCeleb