Friday Flashback #59

Last week’s Friday Flashback featured the Tally Ho restaurant. Located near the intersection of the Post Road and Main Street, the popular American restaurant closed shortly after the 1950 photo was taken (click here to see).

In its place came West Lake: Westport’s 1st Chinese restaurant. At the time, that cuisine was considered exotic.

Last week’s photo showed the Saugatuck River lapping against the back of Tally Ho.

A few years later, the river was filled in. Parker Harding Plaza — quickly dubbed the Harder Parking lot — was created.

Here’s the rear entrance to West Lake. The brick building to the right housed the Westport Library (today, it’s Freshii and Starbucks).

As for the 3-story Main Street building whose back we see in this image: It’s still there.

But it’s hidden by new construction.


11 responses to “Friday Flashback #59

  1. funky ole (prehedgefund) Westport !!!

  2. Oh, see? Now I will taste West Lake Chow Mein all day… I was born within (brisk) walking distance…

  3. And I always thought it was Parker Harding Plaza ? Old, I’m getting old…

  4. I’ll admit to rose colored glasses, but this view now seems sweetly gritty.
    And honest.

  5. I sure remember this view 🙂

  6. Remember this view so well — wow – we arrived in Westport in 1960, and this was one of our first favorite places to go. Love this Westport the most — sorry to the new Westporters. The memories of the spareribs, the egg rolls, beef and pea pods and the white table cloths.

  7. Dennis Stahursky

    West Lake Wor Shu Opp under that domed, elevated serving dish, Oh man!

  8. Dan, was that 3-story building the one that held Greenberg’s Department Store, or Ben Franklin’s? As I remember, the roof collapsed on one of those.

  9. Sarah Geraghty Herndon

    I remember going to West Lake in the 50’s with my parents quietly sucking Chinese Tea through sugar cubes (!) as I waited for my favorite Moo Goo Gai Pan.